VideoX IP Video Surveillance Servers  deliver performance, protection and peace of mind for Security Professionals.

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The Arxys Approach

Arxys VideoX video recording appliances provide robust, reliable storage solutions tailored for security surveillance needs. These purpose-built appliances integrate seamlessly with clients’ Internal Protocol (IP) video security systems, enabling centralized management of all cameras on a single network. Users can effortlessly store, access, and control video and audio data with unmatched performance, protection, and resilience.

The VideoX Enterprise platform offers high performance and smart video analytics, essential for critical security projects. High-performance storage is crucial for managing large-scale surveillance data in environments like school districts, smart cities, stadiums, and casinos. Our enterprise-level solutions simplify the collection, access, and management of video and audio data, enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of IP surveillance systems

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Multi VMS Validated Surveillance Solutions

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Why Arxys VideoX?

Accelerated Analytics

Arxys’ unique Hardware Acceleration technology supports more cameras with server side Video Motion Detection. Enjoy 24/7 Video recording with forensic-grade zero frame loss and advanced video analytics & AI built-in.

Accelerated Protection

Arxys uses only Enterprise class hard drives & SSD’s engineered to handle extreme heat fluctuations, equipment vibrations & 24/7 writes. 10x lower error rate, 2.5x higher MTBF hours, 3x higher duty cycle & Secure Erase (SE).

VMS Validated

Arxys Multi-VMS validated appliances eliminate VMS vendor lock-in. Choose the right server config & VMS for your needs & budget. Save money and take back control of your business by buying direct from the manufacturer.

Project Optimized

Arxys works exclusively with security integrators as your system engineering resource. Eliminate guesswork with full optimized solutions for your project. Engineered configuration, with documented calculations, parameters & best practices optimized for the VMS. Win with solutions that work right the first time.

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VideoX Enterprise IP Video Servers

Video Surveillance NVR’s With Exceptional Performance, Protection & Retention for Security integrators.


For over 30 years we have been focused on quietly and effectively solving complex data protection and data analytics problems for our clients. When you are good at what you do you don’t have to shout as much. Your products and service speak loudly enough to be heard. You may not have heard of Arxys yet, but our clients have.

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