Announcing VideoX V3 – Video Surveillance Solutions

Good things come to those who wait. And we have been waiting for a few months to be able to launch our new VideoX V3 systems. And now the wait is over!

Starting today, we are pleased to announce the launch of


Key V3 Benefits:

  • Gen3 Xeon-E
    • Brand new 3rd Generation Xeon architecture
    • PCIe 4.0, & Faster DRAM
    • Server Class Tech – SPX, MPX, vPRO, Bootguard, etc 
  • Next Gen Networking
    • New Intel Server class networking – 1g, 2.5g & 10g
    • On-chip QoS and Traffic Management
    • Intelligent Offloads + Intel® Data Direct I/O Technology
  • More VMS’s
    • Increased VMS optimizations
    • Uniform camera counts & specs across multiple VMS
    • Now Milestone, Avigilon, Genetec & more have same camera count support
  • Lower Power & Cooling
    • 25% lower CPU power consumption
    • Less heat, longer life and lower utility bills

Lead Times:

Despite the continuing supply chain challenges affecting the entire planet we have built a resilient supply chain that improved availability and lead times. With V3 systems we expect to be back to our 2–3-week lead time and even faster in some cases. We still do our same intense burn-in and QC to ensure no DOAs and ultra-reliable operation.


Despite the supply chain challenges we have managed to reign prices in. Some models have come down in price, while most of those that had small price increases ALSO got improved features and added specs that made the total cost lower than before.

Key Changes:


  • Introducing our massive VideoX R60E – up to 1,320TBs of capacity in 6U!
  • All V3 R12E, R36E & R60E include both the Intel & Nvidia GPU standard
    • No need to add the GPU any longer
  • R8E has the Intel GPU and the Nvidia GPU is optional to keep it more cost effective


  • R8P – can now add the Nvidia GPU 

VideoX Workstations:

  • 5x the network bandwidth! – Dual Intel 2.5GbE ports 
  • Next Gen Intel Core CPUs with refreshed performance
  • NVMe SSD

So bottom line: You get the latest and greatest technology, compelling value and improved lead times and support! That’s how Arxys works! Thank you for being a valued partner! 

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