- iSCSI or Fibre Channel Storage Area Network -

DataX Prime X584E

Large Enterprise Video Surveillance SAN

Hyper Scale Video Storage

Save space but maximize capacity by expanding up to 4 Petabytes via 10Gb iSCSI or Fibre Channel.

Ensure Video Access

Take advantage of features that enable extreme cost efficiency while also providing up to 99.999% data availability.

Deliver Advanced Protection

Rebuild drives faster than ever and reduce downtime with Seagate ADAPT data protection technology

Enterprise Protection

Enterprise Performance

1 TB
Storage Capacity
1 %
0.1 GBs
1 Gb

Maximum Capacity and Consistent High Performance.

Up to 1.3PB 1 of data in a single 5U enclosure with throughputs reaching 7GB/s sequential read, and 5.5GB/s sequential write and up to 99.999% high availability. Easily expand to accommodate data proliferation with three additional Exos X 5U84 systems for a total capacity of 4PB. (2PB per controller)

Data is a vital asset in today’s business environment, which is why enterprises demand unparalleled data protection. Most industries also require performance and management features that facilitate business continuity, and promote access to their growing data sets with both accuracy and speed.

It is critical with data storage to create layers of data protection to assist with anticipating anomalies and help customers respond when other potential roadblocks arise.

Eliminate Data Loss and Rebuilds

Traditional RAID technology works by transferring data to spare drives when a drive is in trouble. However, the potential for rebuild time grows exponentially as RAID systems cope with ever-increasing capacity. Minimizing the rebuild process is important to ensure that all drives in the RAID array maintain high performance.

Seagate Advanced Distributed Autonomic Protection Technology (ADAPT) is based on intelligent parallel architecture that employs smart learning to respond to potential or active failures. Seagate ADAPT allows for flexibility of physical storage by using the space on each drive and not just the minimum space across the drive group, as expected in a traditional RAID setup. In short, this flexibility allows for fast rebuild times and simplifiedexpansion.

Measuring failures in minutes, and not days, is achieved by using Seagate ADAPT technology, which virtually eliminates impacts to performance, making Seagate systems truly self-healing.

seagate Exos HDD

Seagate Exos Enterprise HDDs

Designed to handle the most rigorous workloads, the Seagate Exos X series enterprise class drives are perfect, high-reliability solutions for servers, storage systems, and enterprise video surveillance systems. 

With up to 12.8PB of data in a single 42U rack, your storage infrastructure can scale to meet growing capacity needs.
Seagate® Exos X hard drives help to enable some of the fastest data transfers possible.
Innovative technology advancements like PowerBalance, PowerChoice, Seagate Secureand Seagate RAID Rebuild® for improved TCO.

Key Advantages

Certified Validated & Qualified

milestone certified solution

VMS Certified & Verified

We know video surveillance, and we’ve put all of our know-how into these units, so you get a video optimized SAN you can count on. Arxys NVRs and SANs are Verified and Certified with the global leaders in open standards Video Management Systems (VMS).

High-Availability Built-in

Redundant hot-swap controllers | Redundant hot-swap drives, fans, power | Dual power cords | Hot standby spare | Automatic failover | Multi-path support

3 year warranty NVR

Investment Protection

Comprehensive 3 Year Advanced Parts Replacement, Next Business Day Warranty and white glove support eliminate support headaches. Optional 5 Year Protection Plan.

Key Capabilities

This flexible solution is perfect for businesses with demanding streaming environments that require high read and write throughput, while still needing considerable storage space. Built to ensure all space is used to its maximum potential, application access to data is virtually instantaneous, ensuring IT and end users can work efficiently.

All system components—the enclosure, the controller, the firmware, and the drives—are developed and optimized by our engineers to work together seamlessly. This reduces support calls and eliminates technical learning curves. Modular architecture makes components interchangeable between systems, and upgrades are simple due to common FRUs, PCMs, controllers, and software

Protect the most valuable business assets with Seagate SecureTM cybersecurity features and intelligent firmware —such as SFTP, SED support, and administrator access controls—that provide built- in security measures for reliable and safe file access, transfer, and management.

SHIELD | CORE SANs include complete out of band remote management. You can use SNMP, SSL, SSH, SMTP, or HTTP to remotely view, monitor, diagnose and get alerts on any hardware issue and perform Remote diagnostics, Nondisruptive updates, and Volume expansion.

And even better Arxys remote management runs in hardware on the system and is out of band, which means it has almost zero impact on the performance of your video surveillance system.

So now every video solution you install from Arxys gives you even more peace of mind, better security and higher availability.

Take advantage of features that enable extreme cost efficiency while also providing up to 99.999% data availability. Parallel architecture, data replication, and fast streaming make access to data unfettered. In addition, exclusive Seagate ADAPT data protection technology supports fast and efficient drive rebuilds that virtually eliminate system downtime.

The Seagate Exos Enterprise Class hard drives easily handle extreme heat fluctuations, equipment vibrations and 24/7 writes. 10x lower error rate, 2.5x higher MTBF hours, 3x higher duty cycle and Secure Erase (SE) technology.


Forensic-grade zero frame loss 24/7 video recording

Redundant hot-swap controllers | Redundant hot-swap drives, fans, power | Dual power cords | Hot standby spare |

Automatic failover | Multi-path support

 Each SAN features 8x total ports (4x per controller) of either iSCSI or Fibre Channel for high performance and high availability.

Fibre Channel:
Host speed: 16Gb/s, 8Gb/s Fibre Channel | Interface type: SFP+


Host speed: 10Gb/s, 1Gb/s iSCSI | Interface type: SFP+

Enterprise Performance at Working Class Prices

Starting at only $87,850

14 TB
SAN Storage
Video Write Throughput
Solve Your Video Surveillance Headaches Today

Download the Arxys | Seagate Datasheet

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