Milestone XProtect VMS 2020 R1 New Release

Every 4 months or so Milestone releases a new release of their XProtect Video Management Software. Some are steady level climbs of incremental features. Others are larger steps into new territories. The 2020 R1 is somewhere in between. With a slew of incremental improvements with a few larger changes that have big potential to improve security operators lives.

So here is a brief introduction to the new changes.

On-screen alarm notifications, wherever. Whenever.

All security operators have times when their eyes are off their client windows – but that shouldn’t mean they miss something. Our new alarm notifications fix that.

With XProtect Smart Client alarm notifications, operators can receive pop-up notifications on the corner of their screens whenever an alarm is triggered in the XProtect system. That means that alarms can be seen on-screen as they happen, no matter the client window status.

As a default setting, alarm notifications will appear every time there’s a new alarm in the system. But just like other notifications, this feature can be customized for specific levels of alarms, drawing operators’ attention to what’s needed most.

Add License Plate Recognition
to your search

From security to traffic, to parking payments, XProtect LPR is an increasingly popular tool for operators. Now, operators can include XProtect LPR data in their search, allowing them to connect video content with a specific vehicle.

In our last release, we introduced a centralized Search feature that makes finding a specific incident easy by aggregating all data types registered on the XProtect VMS. Now, we are taking that feature one step further to include License Plate Recognition (LPR) searches.

From security to traffic, to parking payments, XProtect LPR is an increasingly popular tool for operators. With this new feature, operators can include XProtect LPR data in their search, allowing them to connect video content with a specific vehicle.

Axis and Milestone are now offering a smarter way to search for, recover, identify and share video evidence about vehicles. The serverless, camera-based solution provides an efficient means to perform forensic search for a range of on- and off-street applications. It integrates Axis network video cameras with several license plate recognition applications as well as

Milestone XProtect video management system (VMS). Watch the video to see how you get results using Milestone Centralized Search with the new forensic search plug-in included in AXIS Optimizer from version 3.5.

ONVIF Devices

Camera configuration

Camera user handling and network settings configuration done directly in the VMS
– for your existing ONVIF-compliant devices.

Ease of use

Simplify the way you work and quickly change network settings – without the need to access each individual device.

New! ONVIF T and Q profiles

The generic ONVIF driver will now cover features for ONVIF profiles T and Q – and following the R1 release we will also apply for getting the official certification.

Get control over

A new notification manager lets you customize when and how you want to receive Milestone Care renewal reminders and system health errors notifications.

We know it can be hard to keep track of notices on Care expiration when you have a lot of licenses to manage. In our new notification manager in the Customer Dashboard, resellers and system integrators can choose to receive Care license expiration notifications as a digest report email – categorized percustomer or urgency.

So it’s easy to see which licenses, or customers should be handled first.

System health

The “create error reports” function has now been grouped together with the other notifications in Customer Dashboards – so you can easily determine how, when, and how often you want to receive these notifications.”

New portal
for technical documentation

Get the answers you need, when you need them with a new Documentation Portal. Now, all manuals and guides are available in an online format for easy search. Users can search for documentation by product, release, language, or topic across all manuals and guides removing the hassle of looking through numerous manuals to find the answer.

The portal is localized and will reflect your browser settings. Localized documents will show when browsing or searching along with deliverables in English, in order to provide the full palette of insights for everyone.

Milestone Documentation Portal can be found at* or by pressing F1 when XProtect is open and online.

The portal is optimized for desktop and mobile.

Not every version supports every feature!

Arxys standard practice is to wait for the first major hot fix release after a new RX release to fix any early bugs before we finalize testing and validation for shipment on our NVRs. Typically this is 2-4 weeks after the new version is released.

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