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VideoX R60E_1

Guaranteed Performance

Delivers the highest multi-streaming video surveillance bandwidth to master thousands of IP Cameras at high resolutions and frame rates.

Certified Compatibility

Certified Compatible with leading Video Management Servers, IP Cameras & Security Applications.

Scale To Fit

Scale-up to 5 Petabytes and scale storage pools with pay as you grow leveraging true ZFS technology.

High Availability

True high availability protection with no single point of failure metro clustered solutions that guarantee access to video surveillance data

Per Node Storage Capacity
250 TB
1 +
1 Gb/s
1 Yrs

Key Advantages

High Availability

Active-Active or Active-Passive dual HA Cluster for iSCSI / NFS / SMB over 10Gb Ethernet. No Single Point Of failure including multi-path Xplane & enterprise SAS HDD's.

Data protection

Double Parity Protection (Z2/RAID6) or triple parity Z3 plus Offsite Data Protection, offering built-in backup & instant Disaster Recovery, as well as multiple backup destinations.

Pay As You Grow

Scale-up technology delivers future-proof security, no fork lift upgrades required. Easily add more cameras, more recorder servers and longer retention.

Video Surveillance Ecosystem

backup and restore data protection

Storage | Orchestrated

Arxys | DataX-Prime delivers true high availability protection with no single point of failure metro clustered solutions that guarantee access to video surveillance data. Software Orchestrated Storage Offsite Data Protection, with built-in backup of everything and instant Disaster Recovery, as well as multiple backup destinations with user-defined Interval-Retention plans guarantees your data is always available.

Arxys | DataX-Prime is the protected security and surveillance platform of choice when security matters.

Storage | Optimized

Arxys | DataX-Prime high-density storage servers are designed for large enterprise security installations. Advanced caching, high-performance enterprise grade SAS Helium drives and 128 bit ZFS technology deliver leading edge performance with efficiency.

The combination of high throughput & advanced data protection makes the DataX Prime NAS Storage Servers ideal for IP video streaming and archiving.

Milestone Systems agrees: 

“Milestone Systems certifies that the Arxys DataX Video Storage Servers achieved the highest performance of any platform tested to date.”

video surveillance solutions
video storage server

Storage | Secured

Conventional dense disk shelves frequently suffer from performance degradation due to induced vibration from adjacent drives. Traditional platforms also have cooling challenges as the cooling air passes over successive rows of drives, losing effectiveness as it gets heated up along the airflow path. 

We address these challenges through a set of technologies developed based on a holistic view of devices, platform, and their interactions. The first two of these patented technologies are IsoVibe™ and ArcticFlow™. IsoVibe reduces vibration-induced performance degradation, while ArcticFlow overcomes the cooling issues by introducing cool air into the middle of the platform. Both these technologies contribute to long-term reliability, enabling our five‑year limited warranty on the entire platform


Massive Security and Surveillance storage capacity. 3.2Petabytes in only 10U. 1,320TB in each 4U expanded chassis. Performance, protection and hot-swap + redundant everything.

Storage Defined

The Arxys | DataX-Prime running Sentio Software Defined Storage (SDS) platform, is purpose-built to scale-up to make storage management disruptively simple while reducing storage costs and complexity.

Hardware Resilience

Hot-swap, redunant Platinum power Dual redundant I/O Modules (IOM) Multi-path storage failover Cable-free hot-swappable IOM, power supply, fans, and drives

Always On

With advanced hardware & software failover mechanisms, video surveillance systems built on Prime can guarantee sensitive video data is always available. The highest levels of data protection and disaster recovery ensure that the system designed to provide non-stop security and protection is itself non-stop protected and available.

Arxys Shield Prime NVR
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