Extreme Uptime High Availability, Massively Scalable Software Orchestrated Storage Disaster Recovery Storage Solution Platform 
  • Blazing Performance

    Delivers breakthrough throughput and IOPS with Tiered Storage, Dynamic Caching and 128bit ZFS all on Enterprise Class Helium drives

  • Extreme Uptime

    Extreme Uptime warranted with X-Share multi-path, no single point of failure system architecture

  • Scale To Fit

    Scale-up to 5 Petabytes and scale storage pools with pay as you grow, leveraging true ZFS technology.

software orchestrated storage
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Arxys | Intego XU2 Disaster Recovery Storage Solution is protection. If your organization positively, absolutely must have continuous uptime for your critical applications and data, Arxys | Intego XU2 delivers on time and under budget. Extreme environments and extreme uptime is where Intego XU2 thrives.

Running the full Arxys | Sentio Software Defined Storage suite Intego XU2 makes enterprise-class storage virtualization, dual storage controller performance and maximum uptime affordable for every organization. No single point of failure, multi-path X-Share architecture plus Offsite Data Protection, with built-in backup of everything and instant Disaster Recovery guarantees your data is always available.

Arxys | Intego XU2 Disaster Recovery Storage Solution brings exceptional levels of enterprise-class availability and disaster resilience to every organization’s core critical operations.

Key Advantages

  • Hybrid Tiered storage – performance with efficiency
  • Extreme Uptime with X-Share system architecture
  • Lowest Total Cost Of Ownership storage server
  • High availability cluster ensures non-stop protection
  • Scale-up technology delivers future-proof security

Arxys | Intego XU2 Disaster Recovery Storage Solution high-density secure storage servers are designed for large enterprise installations. With advanced hardware & software failover mechanisms and a true multi-path X-Share system architecture, systems built on Intego XU2 guarantee critical data is always available and always protected.

Advanced Data Protection:

  • Backup of everything
  • Backup Window is minutes
  • Ransomware Protection
  • Instant Disaster Recovery
  • Lightweight backup engine
  • Encrypted transport

Arxys | Intego XU2 allows for an instant restore of all crucial data in case of disaster. Consistent snapshots of chosen resources and asynchronous replication to remote (or local) destinations. Backup Window is minutes/seconds not hours, as only the delta of all-data is replicated. RansomWare is denied with very frequent snapshots with instant access to all data providing rapid roll-back to safe state.

Arxys | Intego XU2

Arxys | Intego XU2 is protection. If your organization positively, absolutely must have continuous uptime for your critical applications and data Arxys | Intego Disaster Recovery Storage Solution delivers. Extreme environments and extreme uptime is where Arxys | Intego thrives.
high availability storage

For organizations that require an ultra reliable, high performance, virtualized Disaster Recovery Storage Solution infrastructure with secure, and guaranteed access, Private Clouds (on-site data) are the leading choice. Arxys | Intego XU2 delivers the 24×7 high availability and disaster resilience required for critical deployments where security and availability are paramount. Organizations that cannot afford downtime rely on Arxys | Intego Disaster Recovery Storage Solutions.

Hardware Resilience:

Hot-swap, redundant Titanium power supplies

Quad 10Gb iSCSI connections

Multi-path storage failover

Clustered hot-swap controllers

Active/active heartbeat

Fully mirrored datasets

storage server
  • High Availability

    • Active-Active or Active-Passive dual HA Cluster for iSCSI / NFS / SMB over Ethernet, Fibre Channel & SAS.

  • Data Protection

    • Offsite Data Protection, offering built-in backup & instant Disaster Recovery, as well as multiple backup destinations

  • Data Virtualization

    • Thin & Over Provisioning w/ pooled storage, unlimited instant Snapshots & Clones

  •  Scalability

    • Up to about 5PB in single namespace with the ZFS technology on Linux OS

software orchestrated storage

The Arxys | Intego running Sentio Software Defined Storage (SDS) platform, is purpose-built to scale-up to make storage management disruptively simple while reducing storage costs and complexity. Sentio has verified support for all major SAN/NAS protocols including iSCSI/FC and NFS/CIFS/SMB and a high availability scale-up 128bit ZFS file system with fault-tolerant technologies. Arxys | Sentio delivers a full array of enterprise features and capabilities for file, block and object storage at the lowest TCO in the industry.

Software Orchestrated Storage:

Active-active HA cluster built-in

RAID6 or 60 delivers double parity

Off-site data protection

Unlimited Snapshots & Clones

Scale to fit: Scale-up to 5PB

128bit optimized Storage OS

Tiered cache delivers performance

Scale-up storage pools as you grow

Arxys | Intego - Expanders

Massive storage capacity that is highly available with X-Share no single point of failure system architecture. 3.5 Petabytes in only 42U. 288TB in each 4U expanded chassis. Performance, protection and hot-swap + redundant everything.
video surveillance storage server
hgst partner

HGST Helium Enterprise SAS drives

VMware ready storage




Dual Intel XEON Multi-Core

32-128GB SDRAM Cache

Mirrored Flash System Drives



Dual 10Gbit Ethernet

Quad 10Gbit iSCSI over Ethernet

Shared storage NAS (SMB/NFS)



SAS Enterprise Class Helium Drives

1024 SAS drives per controller (2048 in active cluster)

3.5 PetaBytes (PB) in 44U

288TB per 4U expander



Hot-Swap Everything

Redundant Power Supplies, N+1 Cooling

Hot-plug Storage controllers

I/O modules and Drives

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