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ruggedized high availability mil-spec storage

Ruggedized Storage Server

Designed to survive Mil-Spec advanced shock and vibration with a ruggedized chassis structure.

Extreme Environments

Engineered to meet stringent Mil-Spec and industrial conformance that bring other storage servers to their knees

Disaster Resilient

Backup of everything. Backup Window is minutes/seconds. Reliable Backup of mission critical data. Very Light Backup Engine. Continuous Interval-Based Replication.

Shock Resistant Data

Engineered to withstand extreme shock and vibration environments with full flash Solid State Drive storage.

Optimized For Industry And Military Applications

Storage | Ruggedized

The Arxys | Intego XE Ruggedized Storage Platform is purpose-built and engineered from the gound-up for the most extreme operating environments. Built to withstand the intense rigors of submarine warfare, the Intego XE is designed for the rapid, physical collection and transfer of imagery, LIDAR or sensor data from remote field locations with no network access to fixed data centers or base operations. Engineered to thrive in extreme shock and vibration environments with a ruggedized chassis structure and Mil-Spec and industrial conformance.

Storage | Orchestrated

Rugged Platform Designed For The Rapid, Physical Collection And Transfer Of Imagery, LIDAR Or Sensor Data From Remote Field Locations With No Network Access To Fixed Data Centers Or Base Operations.

Analyze data in the field or in your data center using Six (6) swappable 8-bay mobile modules with hot swappable drive bays that can hold up to 32TB each of mission critical data.

192 GB maximum capacity NAS system supporting 2.5” 15K, 10K or 7200 RPM SAS or SATA drives or SSDs.

Designed to survive shock and vibration with a ruggedized chassis structure.

Powered by Arxys | Sentio Software Defined Storage, delivering maxim

Storage | Protected

  • High Density – Up to 192TB within a single 5U MRSS rack mount, ruggedized enclosure to MIL-STDs.
  • Removable Storage – Six (6) 8 bay swappable mobile modules with hot swappable drive bays to allow remote data collection and analysis.
  • High-Performance – Access MB to TB files in seconds.
  • Connectivity –  Access shared files via any kind of network client (UNIX, Windows, MAC OS, Linux), 7 PCIe slots, 10G Ethernet, InfiniBand (optional), dedicated block-level storage via iSCSI.
  • Reliability – RAID 0, 1, 5, 6, 10, 50, 60 data protection, dual controllers.
  • Recovery – Synchronous mirroring and asynchronous replication. Snapshots and Volume Backup. D2D, D2T and D2USB modes available.
  • Security – SSH for secure encrypted communications, SSL for secure communications over the internet.
  • Customizable – Model shown is naval variant, but can be customized to meet alternate DoD requirements.
  • SNMP Alerts – Manage and monitor events.
  • COTS Components – Economical and available components including an open source Linux operating system.
rugged storage platform
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