Milestone Video Surveillance System

Milestone Certified

Hardware Accelerated

Enterprise Class Protection

Working Class Price

network video recorder

Arxys Milestone Network Video Recorders Deliver What Husky Can't

Hardware Accelerated Analytics

Breakthrough performance for Video Motion Detection and Video Analytics. 2X More Cameras

Hardware Accelerated Protection

Enterprise HDD's + Double drive failure protection and 2x throughput.

15 Minute Install

Easily deployable & instantly usable. Pre-loaded, NVR Optimized VMS

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Hardware Accelerated Analytics

Hardware Accelerated Video Decoding delivers breakthrough performance at a much lower price. Shield | Key is the first Network Video Recorder to support GPU Encoding on the recorder. Arxys’ unique Hardware Acceleration technology supports 50% more full HD cameras with server side Video Motion Detection for 24/7 Video recording with forensic-grade zero frame loss and advanced video analytics built-in. Double the performance of Milestone Husky NVRs’

AI powered Video Motion Detection & Video Analytics


Our advanced data protection features ensure forensic grade recording and always-on 24/7 video protection. Enterprise level features like double parity protection, hardware accelerated XOR engines, Online Capacity Expansion (OCE), Check Consistency, and Patrol Read Repairs to ensure the system you rely on to deliver security and protection itself is secure and protected from failure and errors. Double the data protection of the Milestone Husky M50 or M500 NVRs.

Enterprise Level Data Protection At Working Class Prices
Milestone certified NVR

Milestone & ONSSI VMS Certified

We know video surveillance, and we’ve put all of our know-how into these units, so you get an NVR you can count on. Arxys NVRs are Verified and Certified with the global leaders in open standards Video Management Systems (VMS). Arxys is one of the first Verified Milestone System Builders in North America. Arxys Network Video Recorders deliver enterprise class performance and protection at working class prices. 

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VMS Pre-Loaded & Optimized - 15 Minute Install

Enterprise Class Storage

Arxys uses exclusively Enterprise class hard drives and SSD’s in all Shield Key Network Video Recorders. The Western Digital UltraStar Enterprise Class hard drives easily handle extreme heat fluctuations, equipment vibrations and 24/7 writes. 10x lower error rate, 2.5x higher MTBF hours, 3x higher duty cycle and Secure Erase (SE) technology.

Compared to lower end “surveillance class” HDDs:
  • š2x Quicker Data Accessibility
  • š10x Lower rate of error
  • š2.5x Higher mean time between failure hours
  • š3X Higher stress tolerance for continuous writes
Enterprise Class Performance + Support
3 year warranty NVR

Investment Protection

Comprehensive 3 Year WarrantyEliminates Support Headaches. Next Business Day, Advanced Parts Replacement support ensures 24/7 continuous operation.  Pre-loaded, Hardware Accelerated Video Management Systems deliver the fastest installs and Verified and Certified support. Extend protection with our new 5 year extended protection plan.

3 Year Advanced Warranty Eliminates Support Headaches

Avoid Vendor LockIn

Choose your preferred IP Camera to meet your budget, needs and areas of coverage. Plug it in, it just works. No vendor lock-in, no contracts. ONVIF support, h.265 + Milestone’s comprehensive IP Camera driver support nearly eliminates vendor lock-in.  With Certified support for 7,500+ IP Cameras and growing you can choose the right camera for your needs and budget with no vendor lock-in. 

Enjoy IP Camera freedom - End vendor lock-in
onvif comapatible

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Shield | Key NVRs Are The Video Jedi Master You Are Looking For

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All Shield | Key NVR systems are Verified and Certified to deliver the camera bandwidth, frames per second and certified video retention. All tests are run at FullHD (1080P), 30 FPS and with server side Video Motion Detection and metadata collection. (Max cameras are Milestone XProtect as it is the only VMS at this time that supports GPU on the recorder server)

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