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Enterprise NVR Server

Hardware Accelerated Protection

Enterprise HDD's + Double drive failure protection and 2x throughput.

Hardware Accelerated Analytics

Breakthrough performance for Video Motion Detection and Video Analytics. 2X More Cameras

15 Minute Install

Easily deployable & instantly useable. Pre-loaded VMS & 15 Minute Install.

Enterprise Capacity

Enterprise Performance

1 TB
Storage Capacity
0.1 Gb
Frames Per Second

Network Video Recorder Server

Shield | ENT R36E Enterprise is a 4U form factor, rack-mounted network video recorder (NVR) purpose-built for enterprise video applications. It is designed for high-performance video recording and management and includes a preloaded, NVR-optimized version of  your choice of video management software. The Shield | ENT R36E is ideal for installations that require live monitoring and long retention times, and it includes a number of features that facilitate rapid incident response and coordination.

With support for up to 250 cameras and a recording capacity of up to 504TB, the Arxys Shield | ENT R36E is a powerful, all-in-one video surveillance system for when you need extended retention time and massive camera support with hardware accelerated performance.

Key Advantages

Certified Validated & Qualified

milestone certified solution

VMS Certified & Verified

We know video surveillance, and we’ve put all of our know-how into these units, so you get an NVR you can count on. Arxys NVRs are Verified and Certified with the global leaders in open standards Video Management Systems (VMS).

intel quick sync

GPU Hardware Acceleration

Hardware Accelerated Video Decoding delivers breakthrough performance. Supports Up To 250 HD Cameras @ 30fps with Video Motion Detection- 24/7 Video Recording with zero frame loss.

3 year warranty NVR

Investment Protection

Comprehensive 3 Year Advanced Parts Replacement, Next Business Day Warranty and white glove support eliminate support headaches. Optional 5 Year Protection Plan.

Key Capabilities

36 bay video surveillance NVR

Purpose built for high performance video recording the Shield | Key R36 offers an impressive 1.6Gb/s recording rate and 15,540 frames per second with ZERO frame loss.

The Shield | key features a highly optimized hardware design that results in dramatically lower power consumption. (as much as 30% lower watts per TB) This translates into concrete savings over the installation’s lifetime.

Rather than spending time testing hardware requirements for your surveillance system, we’ve done the heavy lifting for you, saving you the guesswork of building your own server to work optimally with the video management software.

Deploy faster with pre-loaded:

Milestone XProtect, Avigilon ACC7 or OnSSI Ocularis 5.7
Windows Server 2019
Microsoft SQL Server Express

ALL Arxys Shield | Key ENT and PRO NVR servers now include complete out of band remote management. You can use IPMI, iKVM, SHL, Redfish etc to remotely view, monitor, diagnose and get alerts on any hardware issue and most software issues.

And even better Arxys remote management runs in hardware on the system and is out of band, which means it has almost zero impact on the performance of your video surveillance system.

So now every NVR you install from Arxys gives you even more peace of mind, better security and higher availability. 

Remote Management via IPMI (Intelligent Platform Management Interface) 2.0  Keyboard, Video & Mouse (KVM) Console Redirection, Hardware health monitor.

Built-in video motion detection (VMD) is already a means for organizations to lower their total cost of ownership by making the best use of available storage and reducing wear and tear on the recording disk. With hardware accelerated VMD, we shift video decoding from the software CPU to the hardware GPU*. Customers can have twice as many cameras on the same server with the same CPU load, or experience up to 90% reduction in CPU load with the same number of cameras on the server​

The Western Digital UltraStar Enterprise Class hard drives easily handle extreme heat fluctuations, equipment vibrations and 24/7 writes. 10x lower error rate, 2.5x higher MTBF hours, 3x higher duty cycle and Secure Erase (SE) technology.

ECC protected DRAM, Intel Xeon Server CPUs, Pro GPU hardware accelerated video analytics, Microsoft Windows Server 2019, Mirrored enterprise class SSDs, Enterprise class HDDs in hardware RAID 60.

Forensic-grade zero frame loss 24/7 video recording
3X Higher stress tolerance for continuous writes
10x lower error rate + 2.5x higher MTBF hours
2x better data protection – Double parity protection
Hardware Accelerated XOR, Online Capacity Expansion (OCE), Check Consistency, Load Balancing and Patrol Read Repairs.
Enterprise Level Data Protection At Working Class Prices

All Arxys Shield | Key NVR’s Now Support Hardware Accelerated Encryption Of AES

Intel® AES New Instructions (Intel® AES-NI) is a new encryption instruction set that improves on the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) algorithm and accelerates the encryption of data in the newest generation of Intel® Xeon® processor families and the Intel® Core™ processor families.

Comprised of seven new instructions, Intel® AES-NI gives your IT environment faster, more affordable data protection, and greater security; making pervasive encryption feasible in areas where previously it was not.

Enterprise Performance at Working Class Prices

Starting at only $23,775

Cameras Supported W/ VMD
Solve Your Video Surveillance Headaches Today

Key Specifications

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