video surveillance storage Security and surveillance

Rest Easy with Arxys Video Surveillance Appliances

  • Blazing Performance

    Delivers the highest multi-streaming video surveillance bandwidth to master many 100’s of IP Cameras

  • Certified Compatibility

    Certified Compatible with leading Video Management Servers, IP Cameras & Security Applications.

  • Scale To Fit

    Scale-up to 5 Petabytes and scale storage pools with pay as you grow leveraging true ZFS technology.

Why Security Integrators Choose Arxys


Universal Alarm

Security Consultants & Installers

The surveillance solutions that Arxys provides easily handle current needs while ensuring we can grow and scale with more cameras, HD resolutions and ever longer retention times. Our customers love the solutions, the simplicity and the data protection.


Large Government Installation

High Security Facility

The Arxys video surveillance system is the best kind of system: It just works. High frame rates, maximum HD resolutions, 24/7 continuous recording at 3 Megapixels with zero downtime or hiccups. Solid and secure video surveillance that works really well.


Status Automation Canada

Security Automation & Electrical Contractor

If you are looking for well-designed and well-supported IP Camera based video surveillance storage solutions, and you need both extremely large capacity and reliability at a bid-friendly price, then you want to talk with Arxys.

Work with Arxys. Solve Surveillance Challenges. Win More Bids.

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Eliminate Guesswork - Storage and Bandwidth Calculator

video surveillance storage Security and surveillance

Powerful Arxys | Shield Video Surveillance appliances

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