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City-Wide Surveillance Case Study

Many city officials around the world are purchasing centralized surveillance management systems to better protect their communities. Large cities require more resources to handle threats such as vehicle theft, pickpockets, assaults, gang violence and shootings

Campus Security And Surveillance

A very large public school district on the east coast had an installation of existing Dell general purpose servers that could not handle the demands of a modern video surveillance system. They had to reduce the resolution and frame rate dramatically to get the existing systems to record video without dropping frames and losing footage.

ESRI data appliance


Esri and Arxys are pleased to present the Data Appliance for ArcGIS for Windows. Data Appliance for ArcGIS enables you to host nearly all of the ArcGIS Online content behind your organization’s firewall for enhanced security and performance.

casino video surveillance

Large Video Surveillance Project

LARGE SYSTEM INTEGRATOR AND CONTRACTOR Serving correctional, security, detention and public sector installations Status Automation delivers high performance, data protected Security & Surveillance solutions at lower TCO to exceed regulatory requirements.

redstone arsenal


Nation Wide First Responder public sector data sharing. Breaking down interagency information, data discovery & sharing stovepipes and providing greater information sharing among all agencies.


Extreme Environment Ruggedized Server Arxys recently completed a multi-year, global contract supplying the Spanish Navy’s S-80 submarine program. Mil-Spec ruggedized command and control systems.

video surveillance storage solutions

High Security Video Surveillance

DEFENSE FACILITY PERIMETER SECURITY CHALLENGES High redundancy solution for high security high performance, data protected Security & Surveillance solutions at lower TCO to deliver truly secure security.

Security & Surveillance at Napa Correctional Facility

Napa County built a new jail to massively expand correctional inmate capacity. Over 200 Full HD cameras running 15 frames per second and requiring a full 12 months of retention time.

corrections video surveillance systems

Clark County Corrections Video Surveillance

Clark County Detentions Center (CCDC) in Nevada houses 300+ inmates in a variety of security levels. CCDC required advanced Milestone integration with access control and Federated architecture to deliver 24/7 uninterrupted security.

Security & Surveillance Stanton Corrections

Stanton Correctional Facility in California installed a new video surveillance system with complete access control, live video wall and Full HD resolution in a highly robust 24/7 operation to deliver inmate security and deliver advanced visitation opportunities.

RCMP Video Surveillance

Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) has multiple facilities integrated using Interconnect and operating in a fully Classified environment with 24/7 operation, advanced HA features, Remote data protection and failover.

canadian corrections surveillance

Corrections Facility 1,100 Cameras

A large correctional facility in central Canada needed a highly reliable, fully HA solution to manage over 1,100 IP Video cameras running 720P to 5MP resolution @ 15fps with 24/7 operations and a fully redundant solution on-site for data protection.

Cannabis Dispensary Compliance

A fast growing cannabis dispensary added a small grow operation and needed to upgrade their video surveillance system to comply with updated CA state regulations and new city requirements. Using Shield | Key Pro NVR and Milestone Express+ they achieved improved security and compliance.

Cannabis GrowOp + Manufacturing

A new cannabis growing operation with an additional extract manufacturing operation needed to comply with CA state cannabis control regulations and provide high end security for their operation. Active push notifications, smart maps, server side motion detection and room to grow the system and the cameras more than 33% as business plans develop.

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