Campus Security And Surveillance Case Study

Providing Technological Oversight For 56 School Districts Is No Easy Task. Delivering advanced scopes video surveillance is even harder. How a large school district solved their security challenges.

campus security

Video Surveillance in Education

Educational Facilities Require Advanced Security

In the last decade, our K-12 and higher education institutions have been facing increasingly more dangerous threats. Increasingly that means that heightened security and new challenges require more intelligent solutions. Secure your campus with the power of Activated Hardware Acceleration in our Shield Video surveillance platforms.

Providing technological oversight for 56 school districts is no easy task. 

A very large public school district on the east coast had an installation of existing Dell general purpose servers that could not handle the demands of a modern video surveillance system. They had to reduce the resolution and frame rate dramatically to get the existing systems to record video without dropping frames and losing footage.

They wanted a video surveillance optimized, Milestone Certified NVR that was purpose -built to run Milestone VMS and could handle all of their cameras at their desired resolution and frame rate. The required advanced motion detection and video analytics on every camera in order to provide motion search capabilities.

They also wanted a simple solution that they could plug and play into various school districts without having to reinvent the wheel each time.

campus security


 Campus security provides a unique set of challenges in today’s heightened threat environment. Educational Facilities Require Advanced Security. In the last decade, our K-12 and higher education institutions have been facing increasingly more dangerous threats. Increasingly that means that heightened security and new challenges require more intelligent solutions.

The school district manages 56 schools, 14 of the largest school districts have direct high speed fiber links to the central data center. The school district had a video surveillance system at their headquarters running Milestone XProtect to provide video surveillance. The original Dell general purpose servers were struggling to handle only 160 cameras even after dropping the frame rate down to less than 10 fps on a majority of cameras.

The district also wanted to upgrade to the latest version of Milestone XProtect Corporate and take advantage of video motion detection and video analytics along with advanced failover and redundancy.

Further the district was unable to save recorded video for their required 30 days in order to complete investigations because the current system did not allow for enough retention time storage capacity.

The district had an additional challenge regarding purchasing in that they could only buy off of state approved purchasing vehicles but needed to get a new solution immediately.


The district started their search for a solution by talking with Milestone Systems to find Certified Solution Partners that had Verified and Certified solutions. Milestone recommended that the district talk to Arxys. Arxys is a Verified System Builder and has several Certified systems for Milestone XProtect.

The district installed a  Shield | Key NVR R36 with pre-loaded Milestone to run their video surveillance system. They bought the system using the US Communities purchasing contract that their partner Insight had so they were able to buy it quickly and easily and stay way under budget.

Originally they planned to only run the 160 cameras on the first NVR but since the system was certified to handle up to 300 Full HD IP Cameras they were able to add an additional 140 cameras to almost double the system. With a Shield | Key NVR they were able to double the number of cameras running, almost triple the FPS and add video analytics and video motion detection as well.

The initial pilot NVR was a resounding success and the district has since implemented a scaled out network of 4 Shield | Key NVR’s in a highly available failover scenario in their headquarters data center. They are expanding their initial cameras from 300 to just over 1,000 seamlessly and reliably.

With the success of the initial HQ security project going so well Nassau Boces is beginning the work of rolling out Arxys Shield | Key NVRs with Milestone XProtect Inside across their larger school districts. To date multiple schools have upgraded their aging general purpose servers with Certified hardware accelerated NVRs.


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