City-Wide Surveillance Case Study

Many city officials around the world are purchasing centralized surveillance management systems to better protect their communities. Large cities require more resources to handle threats such as vehicle theft, pickpockets, assaults, gang violence and shootings

City-Wide Video Surveillance

City Wide Surveillance Requires Advanced Security:

Ability to respond quickly to active alarms, Open platform makes it possible to integrate add-on products and third-party applications such as video analytics, face recognition and license plate recognition.
Capability to always access video recordings of critical situations. Easy to navigate between cameras spread across a large geographical area. 

A mid-sized metropolis in the state of Texas had an existing Milestone XProtect Corporate video surveillance system running across the city.


This South TX city is growing rapidly. The city of has approximately 600 surveillance cameras at city buildings throughout the city to provide security. Their older general purpose Dell servers could not handle the bandwidth and performance requirements of the citywide surveillance system. Infact over time they had continuously reduced the resolution and frame rate of most of the cameras due to performance limitations on the recording servers. They also were running an older version of Milestone XProtect that they were not able to upgrade because the servers could not support the new features.

They wanted a video surveillance optimized, MIlestone Verified NVR that was purpose -built to run MIlestone VMS and could handle all of their cameras at higher resolutions and frame rates.Mcallen also needed a way to scale up their cameras on a scalable network platform since they will be growing their camera count dramatically in many new buildings across the city.

They also wanted to integrate and upgrade their MIlestone XProtect Corporate license to the new 2018 R3 version to take advantage of the raft of new features.

city surveillance


The original Dell general purpose servers were struggling to handle only the 600 cameras even after dropping the resolution down several levels and the frame rate down to less than 10 fps.

The lack of dedicated video surveillance optimizations in the general purpose servers meant that server-side Video Motion Detection and Video Analytics could not be implemented. 

And just to keep the cameras recording without dropping frames the majority of the cameras had to be scaled down in resolution and frames per second to unacceptable levels that began to negatively impact security.

And finally they had a problem in that 2 of their servers were not able to be upgraded to the newest version of Milestone XProtect which was having negative impacts on management and feature support.



The city of Mcallen started their search for a solution by talking with Milestone Systems to find Certified Solution Partners that had Verified and Certified solutions. Milestone recommended that city of Mcallen look at the Verified System Builder partners. Arxys is a Verified System Builder and has several Certified systems for Milestone XProtect. 


The city of Mcallen installed a total of 5 Shield | Key NVR’s with pre-loaded MIlestone XProtect Corporate to run their video surveillance system. 

With interconnected and scaled up network of Shield | Key NVR’s they were able to dramatically  increase the resolution and fps on most of the cameras, and add video analytics and video motion detection as well.

They were able to upgrade to a modern version of Milestone XProtect Corporate and get a host of new features. They were also able to implement new network resiliency and failover scenarios to improve overall system uptime. And finally the city was able to centralize all video surveillance systems into two distributed data centers to improve uptime

They bought the system using the US Communities purchasing contract that their partner Insight had so they were able to buy it quickly and easily and stay way under budget. While still meeting all state and city purchasing requirements.

They have been continuously increasing the resolution and fps of all 600 of their cameras and they are now getting approval to enter the second phase and add another 600 cameras city-wide.


Arxys Products Used

Arxys Shield | Key

Hardware Accelerated Network Video Recorders

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