Security And Surveillance Case Study

Northrop Grumman Turned To Experienced Security And Surveillance Integrator Universal Alarms To Solve Their Needs For Performance, Protection And Price.

Video Surveillance in Public Sector

Northrop Grumman Was Searching For A Purpose-Built Video Surveillance Storage Solution That Could Handle 40-50 IP Cameras All Running 3MP Resolution, At Full 30 Frames Per Second (FPS) And Continuous Recording 24/7 Including Low Light Nighttime Operations. Universal Alarms And Arxys Made It Happen.

Working with Arxys experienced surveillance solutions team Universal Alarms and Northrop Grumman were able to utilize the Arxys Shield | Key NVR integrated with Valerus VMS and supporting up to 150 ultra high resolution cameras.

The Arxys Shield | Key NVR running Valerus VMS on purpose-built optimized hardware delivered the multi-streaming throughput performance, 24/7/365 availability and price performance required by Northrop Grumman. Not only did the Arxys appliance outperform other video surveillance products while providing scalability and advanced data protection; it delivered the lowest TCO of any comparable system.

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Operating a top level secure site for classified projects for the federal government that requires the highest levels of physical security and controlled access around the clock is challenging. Configuring a high performance video surveillance system to provide security for that site that pushes the boundaries of IP Camera frame rates, multi megapixel resolutions and 24/7 continuous recording is equally as challenging. Getting that ultra high performance, high availability and HD video optimized video surveillance system to come in on time and under budget is extremely challenging.

Northrop Grumman was searching for a purpose-built video surveillance storage solution that could handle 40-50 IP Cameras all running 3MP resolution, at full 30 Frames Per Second (FPS) and continuous recording 24/7 including low light nighttime operations. Northrop Grumman required high availability that eliminated most single points of failure to ensure always-on security. Complicating matters was a budget crunch that kept a tight lid on the total solution budget.

Northrop Grumman turned to experienced security and surveillance integrator Universal Alarms to solve their needs for performance, protection and price. Universal Alarms, as a long term Arxys partner and experienced security integrator knew that the combination of requirements, budget and security required tight coordination. Arxys had helped Universal Alarms solve many other clients video surveillance needs and this proved to be no exception.


Universal Alarms has another extremely satisfied customer whose security and surveillance system runs continuously without a hitch. Northrop Grumman now has a rock solid security and access control solution that delivers round the clock surveillance, HD multi-streaming performance and advanced data protection. They also have plenty of room to seamlessly scale the number of cameras and applications thanks to Arxys’ pay as you grow scalability. Their initial 48TB’s of surveillance storage can be doubled to 96TB’s seamlessly and easily to accommodate growth. 

Arxys |Shield Appliance’s redundant hot-swap power supplies, hot-swap hard drives, advanced SMART alerts and RAID 5 data protection ensured non-stop operation and accessibility to all surveillance videos. The pre-configured Vicon VMS and optimized video processing made installation and setup a breeze.

The surveillance system is effective and does what all great appliances do: it just works. The security team at Northrop Grumman never has to think about the hardware at all and can just focus on securing the facility. Arxys Surveillance Storage Servers solve surveillance problems so you can provide security and protection.


Arxys Products Used

Arxys Shield | Key

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