Security and Surveillance Case Study

Status Automation delivers high performance, data protected Security & Surveillance solutions at lower TCO to exceed regulatory requirements.

Status Automation is a leader in the electrical industry with over 35 years of experience. They employ hundreds of skilled and dedicated individuals with areas of expertise including: industrial, institutional and commercial electrical, instrumentation and controls contracting, and project management.
customer success story
video surveillance storage Security and surveillance
customer success story

Status Automation was looking for a long term partner that was a veteran storage expert, had strong video surveillance experience and could meet the technical requirements while delivering bid winning prices and low TCO.

  • The size, scope & complexity of the security & surveillance projects increased dramatically.
  • HD IP based video surveillance + an onslaught of new regulations requiring longer retention times continuously drove up data protection requirements.
  • High camera counts + HD resolutions multiplied by the increasing retention times drove the storage capacity into 100’s of TB’s.
  • Requirements for seamless expansion & upgradeability as more cameras, new resolutions and regulatory mandated retention times continue to drive the required storage capacity and data protection up.


Status Automation has installed several Arxys products in detention centers across western North America (Canada and the U.S.).
  • Arxys | Shield-Core -Scalable, high performance surveillance storage
  • Arxys | Shield-Appliance -high performance surveillance storage appliance

Before developing a partnership with Arxys, Status Automation relied on legacy proprietary storage systems that locked them and their customers into expensive solutions that were difficult and costly to scale and did not allow the flexibility and optimization required.

Leveraging Arxys’ Software Orchestrated Storage approach has enabled Status Automation’s security and detention clients to deploy much higher numbers of cameras at higher resolutions, while exceeding regulatory requirements for retention and data protection. All while saving money up front as well as long term total cost of ownership savings.

Status Automation wins more bids and has reduced their support costs. Status has realized continued success with Arxys’ service and support and flexible solutions. Their customers also now get better performance, higher reliability, pay as they grow scalability for their security and surveillance systems at a lower Total Cost of Ownership.

"Massive capacity, high bandwidth, rock solid data protection, with all star service and support. That’s just some of the reasons we like Arxys Storage."

Cliff Pacas, Project Manager

Status Automation

Arxys | Shield - Video Surveillance Platforms

Put the power of Software Orchestrated Storage to work on your surveillance problems

“The Milestone Solution Certification showed the Arxys | Shield – Prime delivered the highest HD camera counts (2,944 cameras) and the highest total camera throughput (3.6Gb/s) of any storage platform tested to date by Milestone Systems.”

Mike Tarras
Solutions Integration Engineer at Milestone Systems.

Massive capacity, high bandwidth, rock solid data protection, with all star service and support. That’s just some of the reasons we like Arxys Storage.

Cliff Pascas
Project Manager at Status Automation.

The Arxys NAS solution provided us the ability to seamlessly create significantly larger and more refined storage arrays. We now literally have the world at our fingertips. We haven’t had a moment of downtime. It just works.

Project Analyst at National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA).

This new appliance provides a high performance purpose-built combination of hardware, software and imagery available to the GIS community and we are pleased to have Arxys as the manufacturer of this new portable solution.

Dean Garner
Solution Manager at ESRI inc..

If you are looking for well-designed and well-supported IP Camera based video surveillance storage solutions, and you need both extremely large capacity and reliability at a bid-friendly price, then you want to talk with Arxys. We have many 24/7 security installations running Arxys storage solutions.

David Kovacs
Division Manager at Status Automation.

The program that Arxys provided the 590TB’s of storage solutions for, had the challenge of breaking down interagency information, data discovery & sharing stovepipes and providing greater information sharing among all FSL & levels.

Curtis Miller
Programatic Lead at Geospatial Information Interoperability Exploitation Portable (GIIEP).

Arxy’s flexibility allows easy export of multiple protocols like CIFS, HTTP, NFS and FTP, as well as integrating SNMP for remote monitoring and diagnostics. Coupled with ISS’s affordability and failover capability made Arxys the clear choice.

Dennis Bieling
Systems Integrator at Epigenomics.