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Breaking Down Interagency Information, Data Discovery & Sharing Stovepipes And Providing Greater Information Sharing Among All Agencies.

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The MC2GP Team Is A Government And Industry Consortium Lead By The U.S. Army Space And Missile Defense Command’s Future Warfare Center Or SMDC FWC. C2 Gap Filler Joint Concept Technology Demonstration Program That Has Its Mission To Share Critical Air Surveillance Data Between Department Of Defense, Department Of Homeland Security And Federal Aviation Administration Systems.

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Breaking down interagency information, data discovery & sharing stovepipes and providing greater information sharing among all agencies.

America’s Warfighters & First Responders had extremely limited, TIMELY accessibility to the multitude of data sources/products/shared awareness available to them thereby creating a sub-optimal Situational Awareness (SA) environment.

There are multiple DoD, Department of Homeland Security, Federal, State, local, civilian and commercial airborne, land and maritime assets that were producing data products such as photography, imagery or full motion video (FMV), but little of that data was made available to first responders in either or timely or accurate way. 

This problem facing first responders is similar to those facing our soldiers, sailors and airmen in the area of situational awareness. Everyone must have advanced situational awareness that is achieved through exchange of data between multiple users, so that all users, from the highest headquarters down to the vital first responder, can view the Common Operational Picture or COP and easily collaborate via both voice and data.  

This would improve streamlined decision making exploiting superior situational awareness and modern collaboration tools. The technology is available today, but due to market forces such as use of proprietary systems, the necessity to use unique hardware and the lack of understanding of products developed for the military that can be used by the civil authorities, there seems to be multiple answers but none cost effective or interoperable with other systems.


Defense Support to Civil Authorities (DSCA) is one of the most important responsibilities of the US military. A key enabler is the Incident Awareness & Assessment (IAA) mission which leverages traditional Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) capabilities in support of domestic operations while ensuring strict adherence to all applicable legal frameworks.

The Arxys solution that GIIEP installed enhanced the ability of each state/territory JFHQ systems to rapidly respond to disaster situations and perform the IAA mission with a robust organic capability.  This capability provided FMV, still imagery, a COP and robust situational awareness to military and civilian first responders that dramatically reduced response times and interagency coordination.  The inherent flexibility and non-proprietary nature of the Arxys storage system enabled operators to tailor their efforts to take maximum advantage of available assets and available communications as they supported disaster response operations nationwide.

The solution that Arxys installed for Geospatial Information Interoperability Exploitation Portable (GIIEP) provided was an enterprise storage solution that delivered a discoverable, analytical and collaborative environment to all 54 states and territories JFHQ and available to every Air National Guard DCGS unit and the 601st Intelligence Reconnaissance Division (IRD), and US Air Force north (AFNorth).

The GIIEP is designed to meet the challenges that face today’s first responders, warfighters and the entire IAA community. It is government owned and Non-Proprietary.

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Arxys Products Used

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