Arxys Joins Milestone System Builder Program

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Arxys’ GPU hardware accelerated NVRs with Milestone XProtect Inside, deliver breakthrough performance to power advanced video analytics and forensic grade video recording

San Diego, CA/COPENHAGEN – April 05, 2019.  Arxys announces that they are now a Verified Milestone System Builder. The Arxys Shield | Key NVRs with built-in GPUs deliver impressive performance improvements at lower cost for organizations looking to implement AI-enhanced video surveillance, video motion detection and video analytics.  With Arxys Shield | Key NVRs in the System Builder program, Milestone channel partners and customers will benefit from verified and certified hardware configurations with Milestone XProtect Inside.

The Arxys Shield | Key NVRs are fully Milestone Certified and featured in the newly launched Milestone Marketplace.  The Milestone Certified performance report proved that these new NVRs deliver truly breakthrough performance achieving maximum total throughput of 15,000 frames per second and over 1,600 Mb/s bandwidth.

“The System Builder Program is all about ease of deployment. Customers can now get the XProtect experience on their hardware of choice in a few clicks,” says Jeremy Scott, Strategic Alliance Partner Program Manager – Americas, Milestone Systems. “Customers are also able to easily enter the expanding world of intelligent video solutions by tapping into the rich spectrum of add-ons from the global Milestone open platform community.”

Advanced Video Analytics

Arxys’ GPU-based, Activated Hardware Acceleration for video encoding and decoding, allows the Shield | Key NVRs to deliver up to 50% higher camera counts on the same hardware platform. This means that system integrators and security dealers can give their customers a single Milestone Certified NVR system that can record up to 300 full HD 1080P cameras at 25 frames per second using server-side video motion detection (VMD) with up to 504TBs of video retention.  Advanced video analytics and the Milestone XProtect Smart Search deliver the intelligent security and surveillance that modern organizations are demanding. Arxys has developed a unique tuning and optimization stack for their Shield | Key systems that delivers 30% higher performance on common off the shelf hardware.

The Shield | Key familyincludes two workgroup desktop models: the T4 and the longer retention time T8 (Both support up to 64 cameras w/ VMD) starting at only $2,995 MSRP. For larger security installations the three rack mount models deliver massive storage capacity, impressive performance and advanced data protection. The R12 (200 cameras w/ VMD), and the R36 (300 cameras w/ VMD) bring enterprise-class protection and performance at working class prices starting at only $6,359 MSRP. All Shield | Key systems use enterprise class hard drives and hardware RAID to deliver 2x faster data accessibility and 2.5x higher reliability.

Arxys will have their Shield | Key NVRs powering the Boring Lab pod in the Milestone Systems booth at ISC West in Las Vegas, NV April 10-12.

“Security integrators can take advantage of our Activated Hardware Acceleration  to deliver substantial performance and protection improvements that we have engineered into the Arxys Shield Key products.” says Deborah Inman, President, Arxys. “With our 25 years of experience delivering world-class service and support, our Security Partners can ensure successful installations that come in under-time and under-budget.”

With XProtect Essential+ preloaded on the hardware, the System Builder Program enables easy deployment of the Milestone award-winning video management software (VMS) with just a few clicks, or rapid upgrade to one of the more advanced offerings through a Milestone channel partner.  And with Milestone XProtect inside, on-site setup time is cut to mere minutes, so security technicians can get back out in the field faster.Milestone supports the VMS ensuring its reliable operation and flexible maintenance experience, while Arxys as a System Builder leverages their existing support structures.

Accelerating the Community
In addition to the XProtect functionality, Milestone customers get access to the many software integration options from Milestone Solution Partners and the wide range of more than 7,500 supported camera models and other hardware devices. The hardware partners in the Milestone System Builder Program who ship products with the Milestone VMS software inside are able to design hardware to fit specific surveillance market segments, and benefit from the opportunity to tap into the IoT and Artificial Intelligence market through the solution power of the Milestone community. Milestone customers will benefit from a wider range of tested and validated hardware with XProtect inside, which contributes to an optimal user experience, system performance and return on investment.


About Arxys

Arxys has been crafting data protection and data analytics solutions for the most demanding organizations for more than 25 years. Our unique Activated Hardware Acceleration technologies deliver enterprise class performance and protection at working class prices.

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