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Hardware Accelerated Video Surveillance NVR's
With Exceptional Performance, Protection & Retention

VMS Certified

Hardware Accelerated

Enterprise Class Protected

Advanced Encryption

Arxys VideoX Appliances Network Video Recorders

Hardware Accelerated Analytics

Breakthrough performance for Video Motion Detection and Video Analytics. 2X More Cameras

Hardware Accelerated Protection

Enterprise HDD's + Double drive failure protection and 2x throughput.

15 Minute Install

Easily deployable & instantly usable. Pre-loaded, NVR Optimized VMS

Validated By Leading Video Management Software

Video Optimized

VideoX Appliances deliver hardware accelerated technologies like video motion detection and encryption to drive enterprise grade video surveillance recording for leading VMS’s in a powerful, efficient and high-performance network video recorder appliance. Certified and Validated with the world’s leading VMS platforms, VideoX Appliances offer Hardware accelerated video motion detection, enterprise class storage and industry leading retention.

The VideoX Appliance platform includes Enterprise, Professional and Value models to bring activated hardware acceleration and advanced data protection to mid-size to massive security projects. 

Arxys has ‘appliancified’ the often times laborious process of installing and setting up a Network Video Recorder with whichever VMS you choose. With pre-loaded and optimized VMS software, Video optimized OS, drivers & firmware there is nothing to download or search for. Every VideoX NVR coms ready right out of the box with all RAID storage pre-configured and initialized, and with verified performance with real world video surveillance parameters.

VMS Validated

We know video surveillance, and we’ve put all of our know-how into these units, so you get an NVR you can count on. Arxys NVRs are Verified and Certified with the global leaders in open standards Video Management Systems (VMS). Arxys is one of the first Verified Milestone System Builders in North America. Arxys Network Video Recorders deliver enterprise class performance and protection at working class prices. World-class VMS support for CCTV security. Your security integrator provides the licensing for your chosen VMS.

Validated With Avigilon ACC 7 + Video Analytics
Read The Milestone Certification Report

Choose your preferred IP Camera and your chosen VMS to meet your budget, needs and specifications Plug it in, it just works. No vendor lock-in, no contracts. ONVIF support, + Arxys Multi-VMS validated appliances eliminate VMS vendor lock-in.  You can choose the right camera and the right VMS for your needs and budget with no vendor lock-in. 

Hardware Accelerated

video surveillance

Hardware Accelerated NVRs deliver breakthrough performance at a much lower price. Arxys’ VideoX unique Hardware Acceleration technology supports 50% more 4MP cameras with server side Video Motion Detection for 24/7 Video recording with forensic-grade zero frame loss and advanced video analytics built-in.    

Ensuring the security and integrity of all Arxys installations is our top priority. We want to minimize our customers’ exposure to risk by ensuring our software and hardware is secure by design, secure by default and secure by deployment.

All VideoX NVRs support hardware acceleration of AES and integrated TCG 2.0 for end-to-end encryption

Intel® AES New Instructions (Intel® AES-NI) is a new encryption instruction set that improves on the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) algorithm and accelerates the encryption of data in the newest generation of Intel® Scalable® processor families. Comprised of seven new instructions, Intel® AES-NI gives your IT environment faster, more affordable data protection, and greater security; making pervasive encryption feasible in areas where previously it was not.

By implementing some intensive sub-steps of the AES algorithm into the hardware, Intel® AES-NI strengthens and accelerates execution of the AES application.

In addition the entire line of TAA Compliant VideoX NVR’s deliver accelerated  FIPS-140-2 Encryption in transit and at rest to comply with federal and medical regulations and deliver true cybersecurity.

Data Secured

All VideoX Appliances feature our advanced data protection features to ensure forensic grade recording and always-on 24/7 video protection. Enterprise level features like double parity protection, hardware accelerated XOR engines, Online Capacity Expansion (OCE), Check Consistency, and Patrol Read Repairs to ensure the system you rely on to deliver security and protection itself is secure and protected from failure and errors.

Arxys uses exclusively Enterprise class hard drives and SSD’s in all VideoX Appliance Network Video Recorders. The Western Digital UltraStar Enterprise Class hard drives easily handle extreme heat fluctuations, equipment vibrations and 24/7 writes. 10x lower error rate, 2.5x higher MTBF hours, 3x higher duty cycle and Secure Erase (SE) technology.

Compared to lower end “surveillance class” HDDs:
  • š2x Quicker Data Accessibility
  • š10x Lower rate of error
  • š2.5x Higher mean time between failure hours
  • š3X Higher stress tolerance for continuous writes

Arxys VideoX Appliances help deliver security system resiliency with a modular architecture that eliminates critical single points of failure in high stress hardware components. These high stress, high use foundational modules are the most likely to experience failure. VideoX appliances eliminate these single points of failure by with an N+1 modular system. With Hot-swap and redundant power supplies, cooling modules and all storage and system drives VideoX Appliances deliver highly resilient video recording.

Investment Protected

American ingenuity

Comprehensive 3 Year WarrantyEliminates Support Headaches. Next Business Day, Advanced Parts Replacement support ensures 24/7 continuous operation.  Pre-loaded, Hardware Accelerated Video Management Systems deliver the fastest installs and Verified and Certified support. Extend protection with our new 5 year extended protection plan.

Arxys’ VideoX systems do not require any NDAA disclosures. No Huwaei, Dahua, Hikvision, HiSilicon or any other blacklisted components.

Arxys also has a line of TAA and FIPS-140 Compliant VideoX Appliances for Federal and Medical organizations.

Eliminate the need to roll trucks with Remote Management via IPMI (Intelligent Platform Management Interface) 2.0  Keyboard, Video & Mouse (KVM) Console Redirection, Hardware health monitor, Remote power control, VLAN support, Event Log and Alerting, Full SMTP support, Email alerts, Added security with SSL (HTTPS), Windows Active Directory and Open-LDAP, SMASH, CLP & WSMAN Support, Common Information Model (CIM), TPM 2.0 and more.

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