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VideoX V2 Workstations

Shield Client video workstation

Hardware Accelerated Video Surveillance Smart Client Workstations
Supports 32, 64 or 128x HD streams + Quad HD Monitors
Milestone, Genetec & Avigilon VMS Clients

network video recorder
FUll HD Monitors
Camera Streams
Cuda Cores

Hardware Accelerated Decoding

Breakthrough performance for video stream decoding and viewing using Nvidia RTX GPU. 50% Higher Performance.

Remarkable Viewing Performance

The 11th Gen Intel Core CPU with 16GB RAM and Optimized SSD deliver intense real-time performance of up to 128 HD video streams.

Engineered To Excel

The Arxys VideoX Workstation is designed to excel at delivering rock solid video streaming and client viewing including advanced search. Easily deployable & instantly usable.

Key Advantages

Certified & Verified

Purpose-built for demanding video surveillance installations where performance and security matter. Validated performance with Milestone, Genetec and Avigilon client applications.


GPU Hardware Acceleration

Hardware Accelerated Video Decoding delivers breakthrough performance. Supports Up To 128 HD Cameras @ 30fps with GPU Video Decoding- 24/7 Video Monitoring with zero frame loss.

3 year warranty NVR

Investment Protection

Comprehensive 3 Year Advanced Parts Replacement, Next Business Day Warranty and white glove support eliminate support headaches.

Engineered To Perform

Arxys engineered the VideoX Workstation to deliver breakthrough video performance for demanding security applications. 

0 Ghz

Intel Core 11th Generation CPU with 6-12 dedicated cores drives exceptional performance.

1 GB

16GB of High performance DRAM ensures multi-streaming support and real-time viewing. Optional upgrade to 32GB.

1 GB

500GB High performance SSD optimized for video surveillance client workstation loads.

Cuda Cores

Lightning fast HD video decoding and 4x or 12x HD monitor support for demanding security applications. Nvidia GPU cards.

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Video Surveillance. Certified.

VideoX Workstations are powerful client monitoring workstations. Designed for high-performance video surveillance monitoring where security officers face demanding camera streaming requirements. The VideoX Workstation is ideal for mid-size and larger installations that require live monitoring and advanced management, and it includes a number of features that facilitate rapid incident response and coordination including Interactive maps, mobile monitoring and alerts and much more.

With support for up to 128 simultaneous camera streams and support for dual HD monitors, the Arxys VideoX Workstation is a powerful, all-in-one video surveillance client viewing station.

Tower Design

New Compact mid tower design puts the power of live video surveillance monitoring wherever you need it. And a full 600W of power ensures smooth operation.

GPU Acceleration

Harness the power of 1 to 3x of Nvidia latest GPU with up to 4200 Cuda Cores and up to 12GB's of DRAM to seamlessly support up to 128 HD video streams and 4x or 12x HD monitors. (Monitors not included)

Power To Spare

With a full 16GB's of DRAM, a 11th Generation 6 Core Intel Core i5 or 11th gen 8 core i7 CPU, and even 11th gen Xeon-W CPUs and SSD storage the VideoX Workstation will power demanding security operations with ease.

Advanced Support

3 Year Advanced Warranty delivers Next Business Day Advanced Parts Replacement warranty and support for rock-solid uptime

Shield Client video workstation

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SpecificationsVideoX Workstation W32-QuadVideoX Workstation W64-QuadVideoX Workstation W128-Smart Wall
Part NumberVXV2-WK4-32SVXV2-WK4-64SVXV2-WK4-128SX
Maximum number of camera streams (resolution dependent)3264128
Form factorMid Size uATX Compact Tower,
358 x 176 x 404mm
14.1” x 6.9” x 15.9”
Mid Size uATX Compact Tower,
358 x 176 x 404mm
14.1” x 6.9” x 15.9”
Mid Size ATX Tower, quiet mode
OSWindows 10 IoT EnterpriseWindows 10 IoT EnterpriseWindows 10 IoT Enterprise
CPUIntel Core 11th Gen i5, 2.7Ghz, 6 Cores/12 ThreadsIntel Core 11th Gen i7, 3.0Ghz, 8 Cores/16 ThreadsIntel Xeon-W 2245, 4.5Ghz, 6 Cores/12 Threads
GPUNvidia Turing T1000 8GB CacheNvidia Ampere A2000 12GB Cache3x Nvidia Turing T1000 8GB Cache
OS Drive500GB SSD Optimized Video View500GB SSD Optimized Video ViewMirrored 500GB SSD Optimized Video View
Validated VMS ClientsMilestone, ONSSI, Avigilon, ExaqVision, GenetecMilestone, ONSSI, Avigilon, ExaqVision, GenetecMilestone, ONSSI, Avigilon, ExaqVision, Genetec
Power Supply600W Platinum600W Platinum800W Platinum Hot-swap N+!
KeyboardLogitech Keyboard and Mouse (wired)Logitech Keyboard and Mouse (wired)Logitech Keyboard and Mouse (wired)
Monitors SupportedUp to 4x HD monitors supported (monitors not included)Up to 4x HD monitors supported (monitors not included)Up to 12x HD monitors supported Dependent on application support (monitors not included)
Networking1Gb Ethernet port1Gb Ethernet port1Gb Ethernet port
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