Arxys Security Equipment as a Service

Security Equipment as a Service

Stay at the forefront of technology & protection by procuring your security solutions as a service

TAMCO offers a very unique financial option to Arxys Security Partners. Here is a little bit about their services. Contact TAMCO for more information.

How to Pay for Security

Security, surveillance, CCTV, fire safety technology, and any other related equipment is becoming a necessity for keeping people and company assets safe. But with the advancements in technology paying to own the equipment drains your capital and holding on to it for 10+ years is an antiquated concept that jeopardizes your assets and can sacrifice productivity. You can stay at the forefront of technology and safety by choosing a better way to pay for your solution that removes the burdens of ownership and gives you flexibility, control, and peace of mind. Discover Shield, security equipment as a service.

What is Shield – Security Equipment As A Service (SEaaS)?

SEaaS is an agreement that allows you to pay a convenient monthly price to use and access your equipment. With SEaaS you have the freedom to scale your solution if your organization grows, changes or the technology is no longer allowing you to operate efficiently. Our Shield, SEaaS product has additional benefits like natural disaster coverage, locking in today’s labor rates on bundled in multiyear maintenance and support, multiple end of term options, and specialized accounting treatment for operating expenses. 

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