Arxys To Be Featured on IPVM’s Storage and Server Show

Manufacturers will present/demonstrate their products to IPVM members, with IPVM moderating Q&A.

The Storage Show features 20 leading companies, register now for the Storage Show

IPVM Moderates Seller’s Presentations

While companies can present for free, IPVM experts will moderate all presentations, asking critical questions and pointing out general risks to consider. Moreover, the IPVM community will participate, bringing its collective wisdom to raise relevant issues.

Criteria Used For Selection

No presenters pay IPVM anything. It is free to presenters to ensure that anyone can present and IPVM is not biased towards the presenters (as traditional shows all work). We will review all submissions and provide feedback individually on selection. IPVM will continue to host shows with different themes throughout the year.

How The Live Presentation Works

IPVM will moderate the 20-minute presentations followed by a 10-minute QA session. IPVM will ask questions on behalf of the audience.

Presentations Recorded On-Demand

Every presentation will be recorded and available on-demand following the conclusion of the show.

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