What Does This Mean For Your Installations?

When dealing with large-scale installations, being able to offer high performance at a reasonable cost is an essential part of winning large bids. To that end, a ground-breaking new technology: hardware accelerated video motion detection is already changing the game in video surveillance.

Built-in video motion detection (VMD) is already a means for organizations to lower their total cost of ownership by making the best use of available storage and reducing wear and tear on the recording disk. With hardware accelerated VMD, we shift video decoding from the software CPU to the hardware GPU.

Advantages Of Hardware Accelerated Decoding

Customers can have twice as many cameras on the same server with the same CPU load, or experience up to 90% reduction in CPU load with the same number of cameras on the server.

Simply: Get 30% more HD or higher cameras using Video Motion Detection for 30% lower cost. 

Transferring the video decoding from the CPU to the GPU means a significant reduction in the load on the CPU. This is fantastic news, because by reducing the load on the CPU, you can run more cameras per recorder server than ever before. This means you can use fewer servers per installation, resulting in a lower total system cost. For existing installations, it also means that the same number of cameras will have a lower CPU load, freeing up resources on the server for other components and processes. For example, it will be possible to fully run video motion detection with the latest H.265 video compression at a full 30 frames per second without losing a single frame.

For Arxys system integrators deploying mid- to large-scale installations with hundreds of cameras, this technology is already a game-changer and puts you ahead of the competition.

For Arxys Security Partners the VideoX NVR line is GPU hardware accelerated to drive impressive performance at far lower total system costs.

To put the performance in context take the VideoX R12E recorder server. It is an impressively fast machine on its own. With Arxys’ unique firmware and performance tuning it can easily handle 200 Full HD (1080p) cameras running full 30 fps with above average motion and complexity without exceeding 60% CPU or RAM utilization. (in accordance with industry best practices) And that is with server side video motion detection running for video analytics and motion tracking.

That’s impressive performance from a smaller NVR!

However when we optimize and tune the drivers and VMS for hardware accelerated decoding on the GPU we get truly fantastic performance at zero additional cost.*

  • 1080p Full HD resolution
  • 30 fps
  • Average 4.4 Mb video files
  • Above average motion
  • Server side video motion detection with metadata collection
  • Forensic grade recording with zero frame loss
  • 54% CPU utilization
  • 200 Full HD camera streams

The Arxys VideoX Appliance NVRs deliver the highest IP Video surveillance performance when leveraging the power of video analytics and artificial intelligence involved in video motion detection. 

*Performance numbers are with Milestone XProtect VMS. Other VMS’s performance will vary based on their GPU support.

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