Future-Proof Your Video Surveillance with Intel Scalable 4th Generation CPUs

The Power of AI

In the rapidly evolving field of video surveillance, the need for powerful, efficient, and future-proof hardware is critical. Intel’s 4th Generation Scalable CPUs, with their advanced AI extensions, offer a groundbreaking solution for handling intensive video surveillance workloads, particularly in areas like video motion detection and analytics. Here’s why these processors are the ideal choice for modern surveillance systems.

Unmatched Processing Power

Intel’s 4th Generation Scalable CPUs are designed to deliver exceptional performance, making them well-suited for the demanding nature of video surveillance tasks. These processors boast higher core counts, improved memory bandwidth, and advanced caching techniques, ensuring they can handle high-resolution video streams and complex analytics with ease. According to Intel, “the new scalable processors deliver up to 50% increased performance per watt, enhancing energy efficiency while maintaining high processing power.”

Enhanced AI Capabilities

AI-driven analytics are becoming increasingly crucial in video surveillance, enabling features like real-time motion detection, facial recognition, and behavioral analysis. Intel’s 4th Generation Scalable CPUs come equipped with Intel Deep Learning Boost (Intel DL Boost), which accelerates AI inference workloads. Intel highlights that “Intel DL Boost extends AI capabilities, providing up to 1.93 times higher AI inference performance compared to previous generations.” This enhancement allows for faster and more accurate video analytics, enabling smarter and more responsive surveillance systems.

Scalability and Flexibility

As video surveillance needs grow, so too does the demand for scalable and flexible solutions. Intel’s 4th Generation Scalable CPUs are built to scale efficiently, supporting a wide range of deployment scenarios from edge to cloud. Their architecture supports various configurations, making it easy to expand capacity and performance as required. This scalability ensures that surveillance systems can adapt to future demands without significant overhauls.

Future-Proofing with Advanced Features

Intel’s commitment to innovation is evident in the advanced features of their 4th Generation Scalable CPUs. These processors are designed to support future AI and machine learning advancements, ensuring long-term viability. Intel states that “with support for new instructions and architectural improvements, these CPUs are prepared to handle future AI workloads, providing a future-proof solution for video surveillance applications.” This forward-looking design means that investments in Intel’s technology today will continue to pay off as AI and video analytics technologies evolve.

Energy Efficiency and Sustainability

In addition to their performance and scalability, Intel’s 4th Generation Scalable CPUs are also engineered for energy efficiency. This is particularly important in video surveillance, where systems often run continuously. Intel notes that “improved energy efficiency reduces operational costs and supports sustainability goals, making these processors a smart choice for environmentally-conscious organizations.”


Intel’s 4th Generation Scalable CPUs represent a leap forward in processing power, AI capabilities, and future-proofing for video surveillance systems. Their ability to handle complex video analytics, coupled with scalability and energy efficiency, makes them an ideal choice for modern surveillance infrastructures. By leveraging these advanced processors, organizations can ensure that their video surveillance systems are ready to meet current and future challenges with confidence.


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