GPU Hardware Acceleration Is Changing Video Surveillance

video surveillance

Hardware Accelerated Video Encoding in video surveillance recording servers delivers breakthrough performance at a dramatically lower price. GPU based video encoding (for recording servers) and decoding (for client side viewing) is the breakthrough modern video surveillance has been waiting for. The use of new GPU based video encoding solutions brings about 25% higher performance and 30% higher camera counts at full HD resolution and 30 frames per second.

Historically the solution for hundreds of IP Cameras running Full 1080P HD and 15-30 frames per second was throwing a massive pile of CPU power at the problem. Typically, by severely limiting the number of cameras per recorder (under utilizing CPU/system power). This was great for the big name server companies who got to sell 2-4x more hardware boxes. Not so great for customers who how have to pay for and manage many more systems.



Now with the advent of fully integrated GPU based hardware acceleration of video encoding (Not just decoding) security dealers and security professionals can finally leverage their hardware and software investments for maximum efficiency. When we combined this with our unique Software Orchestrated Storage we achieved truly outstanding throughput and processing numbers.

Our new GPU hardware acceleration combined with our unique software orchestrated storage delivered even higher performance, achieving  33% higher performance and 50% higher camera counts at full HD resolution and 30 frames per second than traditional NVR’s.

GPU based hardware acceleration, combined with Arxys’ Software Orchestrated Storage can now deliver up to 512 Full HD Cameras @ 30fps for 24/7 Video recording with zero frame loss.

Our brand new line of hardware accelerated network video recorders deliver breakthrough performance at market leading low prices while still maintaining the investment protection of our advanced 3 year warranty and white glove support.


We Take Care Of The Data, So you can take care of your customers.

With pre-installed Milestone XProtect video management software and our software orchestrated storage optimized NVR’s your clients get breakout performance at competitor beating price points. Support anywhere from 24-500 cameras without breaking your customers budget. If you want to be a video surveillance storage superhero request to join our Security Partners reseller program. We made it even easier with the complete product family price matrix now live on our website (MSRP). Authorized reseller partners enjoy healthy discounts and get advanced white glove service and support.

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