Milestone Announces Verification of VideoX Appliances -Milestone Verified

Milestone Verified

Summary of Verification

The product is verified by Milestone Engineers, Arxys provided Milestone with the following for the verification process:

  •   Unique identification of the system tested, e.g. Stock Keeping Unit, SKU no.
  •   Product specification sheet.
  •   Technical description of the test environment used for the verification tests, including a drawing.
  •   Screen shots or report showing the system configuration, e.g. generated by use of the DxDiag.exe tool.
  •   Screen shots showing the storage configuration, e.g. generated from the Disk Management tool.
  •   Single log file in binary format (.blg), generated by the Performance Monitor tool covering the full test period,7 days with 1 second sampling interval.
  •   Information about the no. of cameras testedConclusion

Milestone confirms to have reviewed the verification documentation and on the date of such review, and to the best of our knowledge, the Product is compatible with the Milestone XProtect version applied in the testing environment. For information on the testing environment and the verification documentation please contact our Partner.

Read the Milestone Verified Report for the VideoX R12E Enterprise Appliance

Read the Milestone Verified Report for the VideoX R36E Enterprise Appliance

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