Milestone Certification Arxys Shield | Key NVR

The Shield | Key NVR’s deliver enterprise class performance and protection and advanced video motion detection and analytics at breakthrough prices. The crucial tests in the certification were performed with server-side video motion detection and metadata collection enabled. 

Hardware Accelerated Video Decoding delivers breakthrough performance at a much lower price. Arxys’ Hardware Acceleration technology supports 50% more full HD cameras with server-side Video Motion Detection for 24/7 Video recording with forensic-grade zero frame loss and video analytics built-in at no extra cost.

Our advanced data protection features ensure forensic grade recording and always-on 24/7 video protection. The Enterprise Class hard drives easily handle extreme heat fluctuations, equipment vibrations and 24/7 writes + mixed mode reads from analytics. 10x lower error rate, 2.5x higher MTBF hours, 3x higher duty cycle and Secure Erase (SE) technology deliver continuous uptime.

The tested system delivered unprecedented performance with video motion detection and metadata enabled. Certified to support 300 cameras at 1080P and 25fps with server-side video motion detection with metadata collection while ensuring CPU, RAM and network utilization are always below 70% in accordance with Milestone best practices.

The Arxys Shield | Key is a top performing, hardware accelerated Milestone Certified NVR that delivers breakthrough video motion detection and video analytics performance at no extra cost.

Certified Products

  • Shield | Key NVR R12 (Network Video Recorders) all-in-one appliances
  • Shield | Key NVR R36 (Network Video Recorders) all-in-one appliances
  • (The R12 and R36 tested share the same main components, the only difference is the number of drive bays) 
  • Milestone XProtect Corporate 2018 R3 

Performance of the solution may vary if different XProtect products and/or system components not listed in the tests details are included. 

Test Setup

Two dedicated video load servers running Windows Server 2016 were utilized. A single Arxys Shield | Key rackmount system with the following configuration:

  • Intel Core i5-8600 CPU 8thGen 3.10 Ghz
  • 32GB DRAM
  • 2x 1Gb/s ethernet ports, full duplex
  • 12x Western Digital Ultrastar Enterprise HDDs, 8TB, 7200RPM, SATA 6Gb/s 256MB cache
  • Hardware RAID 6 (double parity)
  • Microsoft Windows 64 Bit

All simulated video streams used in this test were configured at 25 or 30 frames per second (FPS). Video streams were configured to use primarily the H.264 video codec with a few at H.265. All tests were performed with 24/7 continuous recording. Majority of tests were performed with video motion detection and metadata enabled to stress the system and the GPU. 

Certified Test Results

Below is the summary of the Milestone Certified performance test results for 6 wide ranging video surveillance scenarios. The tests were designed to showcase the depth and breadth of the performance and capabilities of the Shield | Key NVRs running Milestone XProtect with modern high-end video surveillance specifications. 

From 300 cameras @ 1080P/25fps with full server-side motion detection to 500 cameras @ 4k/30fps running h.265 codec the Shield| Key delivers remarkable performance results. 

Max CamerasResolutionFPSVMDVideo StreamMax FPSVideo Bandwidth
3001080P25Yes3.4 Mb/s7,5001,020 Mb/s
400720P25Yes1.8 Mb/s10,000720 Mb/s
1004K30No9.9 Mb/s3,000994 Mb/s
2601080P25No5.9 Mb/s7,8001,534 Mb/s
2004K h.26530No3.5 Mb/s6,000708 Mb/s
5001080P h.26530No2.5 Mb/s15,0001,245 Mb/s

Download the Full Milestone Certification Report

The Shield | Key Milestone Certified NVR’s Deliver Breakthrough Performance

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