Milestone Systems XProtect 2019 R3 New Features

milestone 2019 R3 features

Milestone XProtect Video Management System has three annual updates. This is the 3rd and final update of 2019. XProtect 2019 R3.

You spoke and we listened. The result is the 2019 R3, our most advanced release to date. Available October 8, R3 introduces a lot of cool new features like a new centralized search in XProtect Smart Client and advanced streaming and bandwidth management.


Centralized Search in
XProtect® Smart Client

Less searching. More finding. All in one place.

The video management systems (VMS) of today are about a lot more than just video. Alarms, events, bookmarks, motion – and much more are at the core of security operations. All this data makes it easier to create and identify people and incidents – if you can find it.

For many, the process of searching for data is cumbersome, with each data type having its own search system, tags, categories or keywords. In R3, we change all that.

Milestone’s new centralized Search will replace the current Sequence Explorer and will make finding a specific incident or video sequence easier by aggregating all data types registered in the VMS.

That means one search platform for all your data. Quicker, easier, and more efficient investigations.

With Search you can:

  • Search for video sequences, alarms, events, bookmarks and motion all in one place
  • Search for data types from technology-partner solutions that are integrated with Search
  • Save your search templates and speed up investigations

How does this work in the real world?

Whether it’s a routine review of live video, or an investigation of video in playback, you need to find evidence quickly. Maybe, you have a limited amount of data to work with – like the time range of the incident, a related alarm or bookmark, an event or a motion registry. You might also have access to information like gender, shirt or vehicle color that is generated by a technology partner solution that is integrated with the search tool.

No matter which types of data you have, centralized search allows you to fill in the relevant categories with the data available on one Search screen and find what you’re looking for almost instantly.

A few Milestone Technology Partners have already completed their integration with our new search tool, and we are onboarding new partners on a continuous basis. Together with future developments, will make sure that XProtect allows you to find exactly what you’re looking for – fast!


Cameras play a big role in helping us see what is happening. The video they provide can be enriched with even more data from a myriad of intelligent devices.

Milestone’s XProtect® VMS software supports over 8.000 cameras and devices – and we are adding more every day. We aim to support all devices, which is a huge task in today’s ever-growing connected world.

In order to make sure our users can get the most from our partners’ products when they become available and maximize the value that they bring into video, we took the unprecedented step of establishing a framework for all camera and IoT device manufacturers to develop their own drivers for XProtect using our MIP-SDK.

So, no matter which devices you have in your system today – or are considering to add in the future – with our new Driver Framework we work together to make sure that they are supported.





Cut down on unnecessary hardware costs by using the video stream that fits your needs best.

Although the Recording Server is programmed to record a high-resolution stream, Multi-Streaming in XProtect Expert and Corporate allows the use of multiple streams in various resolutions.

Adaptive Streaming makes it possible to receive a lower resolution stream from the recording server when a high resolution one is not required, for example when displaying video in the Smart Client or Smart Wall in a window size smaller than full screen.

Adaptive Streaming provides you with:

A smoother viewing experience with less lagging for users who receive large amount of video streams to their Smart Clients and Smart Walls

Substantial savings on hardware currently needed to decode high-resolution video streams

Better use of bandwidth that can then be utilized for other needs in the organization


System administrators work around the clock to ensure a high level of cybersecurity. This includes following a strict protocol of updating passwords at set time intervals, an often-tedious task.

Our device and password management feature, introduced in R2, gives administrators an overview of all system passwords and the option to change device passwords for selected manufacturers directly from the Management Client.

In this release, we double the number of compatible device manufacturers, making this feature highly relevant to most of our installations.

We also introduce a scheduler that allows administrators to set the exact time intervals device passwords should be changed, making device password changes fully automated.

Dive even deeper into the ground breaking Milestone XProtect 2019 R3 Features that are included with every Arxys NVR.

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