Milestone XProtect New Release 2019 R1 – New Features

milestone VMS 2019 R1 features

Some fantastic new features in the new release which will be available Feb 5th. The key Milestone VMS 2019 R1 features:

  • Two Way Audio
  • Full Encryption

Imagine being able to listen to everything that happens around the camera, and communicate with people for quick decision-making incidents prevention before they happen.

The first XProtect® release of 2019 extends the usability of the Smart Client and takes it outside the control room, with support for one and two-way audio in Mobile and Web clients. Listen to audio captured by the camera and speak through the camera speakers directly from your phone with the push of a button (Push-To- Talk) or from the Web Client. Whether on-premise or away from the Smart Client, you can now use your VMS system as an interactive tool.

By listening to audio and speaking through the speaker connected to the camera, you can get the full picture and act quickly from anywhere.

This includes communicating with people via Access Control, warning and directing crowds, or deterring intruders.

Best performance. Encrypted end-to-end.

Ensuring the security and integrity of all Milestone installations is our top priority. We want to minimize our customers’ exposure to risk by ensuring our software and hardware is secure by design, secure by default and secure by deployment.

Milestone is committed to providing XProtect users with a great-performing VMS that is durable and highly resistant against cyber threats. The first release of 2019 follows up on that commitment with yet another cyber security tool implemented in XProtect: an SSL/TLS certificate-based encryption of all communication between the Recording Server and the servers and clients connected to it.

This means that any use of data originating in the recording server goes out to components like management, mobile, or event servers. It can also goes out to the management, mobile or smart clients. The data is fully encrypted to guarantee the highest level of security
of the servers’ network. Third-party developers are also required to align their solutions with XProtect’s 2019 R1 version of MIP SDK, making all communication between the Recording

Server and any integrated solutions just as cybersecure. The encryption is enabled by default in the 2019 R1 installation process, where a notification pane explains the encryption and its implications on all components and solutions communicating with the Recording Server. It is also possible, to complete the installation of the 2019 R1 version without enabling the encryption to complete the certification process at a later time.

These are just some of the great milestone VMS 2019 R1 features.


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