New Updated Names for Shield | Key Platforms

Arxys Shield | Key NVRs have been helping security professionals solve video surveillance challenges from small single site 24 camera systems to large scaled out surveillance systems with 3,000+ cameras. 

Our goal at Arxys is to continuously deliver greater value to our customers.

As part of our pursuit of constant improvement we are proud to announce some great improvements and configurations to our entire product line. Here is the summary below and you can click the Learn more link at the end to see it for yourself.

New focused platform names:

    1. Enterprise Server NVRs
    2. The Shield | Key Ent name simplified
  2. SHIELD | PRO  
    1. Professional NVRs
    2. The Shield | Key Pro name simplified
  3. SHIELD | BAS 
    1. Base NVRs
    2. The Shield | Key Pro desktop & rugged line simplified and streamlined

In addition to simplifying and streamlining the platform names we also made substantial upgrades and improvements across the board.

Now All SHIELD | ENT and SHIELD | PRO platforms include:

  1. Out of band Remote Management (IPMI, iKVM etc)
  2. Enterprise class SSDs
  3. Enterprise Class datacenter HDDs (same as always!)
  4. Hot-swap and redundant power, fans and drives (N+1)
  5. Hardware RAID 6 (R5 only on R8P) double drive protection

Learn More About the New Platforms

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