New VideoX V2 Brings Power To Video Recording

VideoX V2 brings The Power

We are excited to bring you a really fantastic upgrade to our already fantastic VideoX Appliances! We are bringing you a ton of great new features and performance boosts to keep your video installations strong well into 2021. 

Today we are proud to announce VideoX Version 2!

The key benefits that VideoX V2 brings you:

  1. 25-33% Higher performance. 
  2. 15-25% more cameras supported
  3. Every V2 is now powered by Intel Xeon CPUs
  4. Increased bandwidth and connectivity

Just some of the new VideoX V2 features:

  1. Every VideoX V2 now comes with Intel Xeon CPU’s (PRO & ENT!)
  2. The latest gen Xeon-W CPUs deliver 25-33% higher Ghz, 25% more cores and the latest vPro enterprise security features
  3. All V2 ENT NVRs now feature BOTH 2x 10Gb & 2x 1Gb ports
  4. All V2 PRO NVR’s now feature Xeon CPU’s, ECC RAM & hyperthreading
  5. ALL VideoX V2 OS’s are now IoT / LTSC – Windows 10 Enterprise IoT and Windows Server Standard 2019

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