VideoX Video Surveillance Servers

Performance, Protection And Peace Of Mind.

Purpose Built

We build and optimize every server for the rigors of video processing and recording.

Assured Performance

Verified video surveillance performance custom specified to each project.

VMS Validated

Optimized for leading VMS platforms. 15 minute install from power on to camera discovery.

VMS Validated

video surveillance enterprise NVRs

Bottom Line

Why Security Partners Choose Arxys

Direct From The Manufacturer

Enjoy the confidence and savings of working directly with Arxys while eliminating double markups.

20-40% Lower Price

Make more money and win more deals with competition busting price advantage.

Latest Generation Systems

Intel Scalable 4th Gen CPUs = 50% higher Ghz, 33% more cores + hardware AI & Video Motion.

Assured Performance

Every project receives advanced configuration with documented calculations & recording performance assurance.

Engineering Validation

Assured Performance

Validated & Calculated Performance

Documented Camera Calculations

Uniquely Specified To Your Project

Lightning fast Deployment

15 Minute Install

Ready To Go Out Of The Box

RAID Storage Pre-Configured

Pre-Loaded VMS Installer

Enterprise Class

Enterprise Class HDD’s & SSD’s

Engineered for 24/7 continuous operation + 10x Lower rate of error + 2.5x Higher mean time between failure hours + 3X Higher stress tolerance for continuous writes

Latest Generation Intel Xeon CPUs

Intel Xeon Scalable Silver and Gold 4th Generation CPUs delivery advanced AI and video acceleration.

Windows Server 2022

Rest assured with advanced security. Microsoft Server Standard IoT has 5-10 year support on same build, fewer Microsoft updates, and no build changes to break your VMS apps.

Hardware Accelerated Encryption

Hardware Accelerated Encryption Built-in (TCG, AES) + End to end encryption, Root of Trust, Secureboot + TAA/FIPS2-140 options

VideoX NVR Appliances

Analytics: Accelerated

Data: Protected

VMS: Validated

Competition: crushed

video surveillance enterprise NVRs
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