Providing Nonprofit Organizations Power, Access and Trust

OMNIA Partners is the cooperative purchasing organization that is driving excellence in nonprofit organizations. Our unmatched breadth of competitively-solicited contracts from world-class suppliers streamlines the purchasing process and helps nonprofits achieve their strategic goals.  

We provide nonprofits the power to deliver value to their organizations through access to a seamless procurement process and suppliers they can trust.  

As a nonprofit, saving on expenses for operating supplies and services means more dollars towards programs that support your mission. Additionally, there is a fiduciary responsibility to be prudent when budgeting the donor or membership funds contributed to your organization. Nonprofit discounts for supplies you are purchasing can be extremely important for your business operations. 

Save Money

Nonprofits are eligible to use OMNIA Partners contracts and take advantage of the competitive solicitation process to receive reduced pricing. Nonprofit discounts can enable you to use additional funds to support your mission.

With no cost to participate and no minimum order requirements, nonprofits of any size have the ability to purchase the products, services and solutions they need at volume discount prices that would be nearly impossible to attain individually.

Save Time

Nonprofits usually run with a lean staff, which leaves less time to shop for quotes. By using OMNIA Partners suppliers, you can buy with confidence knowing you are getting the best overall government options in a fraction of the time. You’ll be able to leverage our cooperative purchasing standards and supplier commitments to deliver more value to your nonprofit.

Types of Nonprofits that Use OMNIA Partners 

  • 501(c)3 organizations 
  • Private schools, colleges and universities 
  • Religious groups 
  • Community and social services establishments 
  • Volunteer organizations 
  • Trade associations and special interest groups 

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