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ArcGIS Data Appliance

ArcGIS Data Appliance enables you to create, publish, and share map services with colleagues securely behind your firewall. It connects directly into your internal network and comes preloaded with terabytes of global basemaps and reference layers.

ArcGIS Data Appliance is a content solution that consists of hardware and data and is designed to run with ArcGIS for Server software.

Build Critical GIS Applications Right Away

ArcGIS Data Appliance gives you cartographically rich mapping content and basic tasks you need to start building critical GIS applications right away. Terabytes of rich, ready-to-use world maps such as imagery, street maps, topographic maps, shaded relief, elevations, and more are available.

Secure Your Data and Services

Serve and store your data and services securely behind your firewall. Because these custom services and data are open and interoperable, people across your organization can use them.

Why Choose Data Appliance for ArcGIS?

Guaranteed Performance

Purpose-built storage solutions eliminate bottlenecks & lower costs. Ultimate performance and massive scalability at incredible value.

Certified Compatibility

Certified Compatible with all Esri ArcGIS applications and map data from Enterprise to Pro Arxys has you covered.

Unparalleled Protection

Industry leading protection and disaster resiliency ensure continuous uptime. Dedicated hardware and software failover combined with modular resiliency.

Verified Peace Mind

Certified and Verified solutions deliver guaranteed implementation, compliance and operation while protecting your entire ecosystem

25 Years Experience

Our depth of experience in large scale, multi-site and high resiliency Security and Surveillance solutions delivers compelling storage solutions to large prison, casino, retail, multinational, government and military customers.

Secure Behind Your Firewall

100% secure behind your firewall so all your proprietary data, insights and map layers are secure.

Video surveillance appliance

Arxys and Esri

GeoSpatial, GIS and ARCGIS ESRI data appliance

ArcGIS Data Appliance  –  ESRI Data Appliance for ArcGIS enables you to host nearly all of the ArcGIS Online content behind your organization’s firewall for enhanced security and performance. The datasets include terabytes of prerendered nationwide and worldwide data with street and transportation, place-name, administrative boundary, and raster imagery data. Arxys Data Appliance delivers enterprise class data protection and wire speed performance to drive even the largest ArcGIS installations. All 100% secure behind your firewall so all your proprietary data, insights and map layers are secure.

Produced directly for ESRI, inc. Arxys is the exclusive OEM manufacturer of the ESRI Data Appliances for ArcGIS. All Data Appliances are sold by ESRI.

Not for resale pricing for ESRI Data Appliance for ArcGIS is available upon request. Contact Dean Garner at 909-793-2853, ext. 1-4441, or for details.

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