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Personalized, white glove service and the best warranty support ensures your long-term success.  

Solution Agile

Our technological dexterity delivers uniquely well integrated leading edge technology into a tried and true solution.  

Open Standards

No technology lock-in. But we don’t just sell you anything, only what works.

Certified Solutions

Arxys certified video surveillance solutions are optimized for IP based Video Surveillance 

Surveillance is More Than Just Seeing; It’s Looking Ahead

With increased demands placed on safety and security globally, coupled with new IP and 360-degree camera technologies, video surveillance is expected to grow steadily. But it isn’t just about security any longer. Smart video is also about extracting value and intelligence from the content captured. This could include gaining insights into retail shopper behaviors, managing traffic congestion, or providing more efficient operations and yields.

What has changed in video surveillance is not how data is captured, but how it’s used to drive actions, not only to support fast data applications that analyze collected data now, but big data applications ready to analyze data in the future. It’s no longer about just storing data, but what we can do with it once captured, that is fueling a new generation of smart video.

Why Choose Arxys Security & Surveillance?

Guaranteed Performance

Purpose-built storage solutions eliminate bottlenecks & lower costs. Ultimate performance and massive scalability at incredible value.

Certified Compatibility

Certified Compatible with leading Video Management Servers, IP Cameras & Security Applications.

Unparalleled Protection

Industry leading protection and disaster resiliency ensure continuous uptime. Dedicated hardware and software failover combined with modular resiliency.

Verified Peace Mind

Certified and Verified solutions deliver guaranteed implementation, compliance and operation while protecting your entire ecosystem

25 Years Experience

Our depth of experience in large scale, multi-site and high resiliency Security and Surveillance solutions delivers compelling storage solutions to large prison, casino, retail, multinational, government and military customers.

Robust Solutions

For large scale IPCamera security deployments that have high resilience and feed protection requirements, Arxys is your trusted storage partner.

Video Surveillance Solutions

Arxys Shield Prime NVR

Arxys | Shield Prime

Arxys | Shield Prime delivers the intense multi-streaming throughput and data resilience required by advanced Video Management Systems at the lowest Total Cost of Ownership of any solution in the industry. Arxys | Shield Prime delivers true high availability protection with no single point of failure metro clustered solutions that guarantee access to video surveillance data. Software Orchestrated Storage Offsite Data Protection, with built-in backup of everything and instant Disaster Recovery,

Arxys | Shield Core

Arxys | Shield-Core delivers solid high availability protection with high performance access to video surveillance data. Software Orchestrated Storage 128 bit ZFS technology delivers breaktrough performance & pay as you grow scalability to power video surveillance solutions. Leveraging the core performance and scalability features of Arxys | Sentio SDS to solve surveillance needs

Arxys | Shield Key Enterprise

Arxys has purpose-built networked video surveillance platforms that deliver the performance, protection and resiliency that enterprise 24/7 surveillance operations require. Ensure you can capture and access any number of IP cameras with maximum throughput and zero downtime. With optimized and configured Video Management Server built-in.

video surveillance nvr

Arxys Shield | Key Pro NVR

All-in-one video surveillance NVR solution for high performance optimized video surveillance. Plug-n-play. NVR Network Video Recorders Video Surveillance. Certified. XProtect Inside with the world’s #1 rated Video Management System Milestone Systems.

The Entire Line of Shield | Key NVR's is now available on the U.S. Communities contract.

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