Solve Support Headaches Remotely With Remote Management

remote management NVR

Now all Shield | Key Professional and Enterprise NVRs have remote management built in. 

When your customers or users report an issue with their video surveillance system the clock starts ticking. They want instant support and fixes. The first step in any successful support troubleshooting process is to determine what the actual problem is. 

You can dispatch a technician and have them travel to the site and begin diagnosis as soon as the technician arrives and gets access to the physical system. That takes a lot of valuable time and is costly in human and financial resources. 

The best way to quickly and easily diagnose any video surveillance issue is to have remote management access so that your technicians can remotely login to the NVR server and diagnose any hardware (and most software issues).  

As of November 1, 2019 ALL Arxys Shield | Key ENT and PRO NVR servers now include complete out of band remote management. You can use IPMI, iKVM, SHL, Redfish etc to remotely view, monitor, diagnose and get alerts on any hardware issue and most software issues.

And even better Arxys remote management runs in hardware on the system and is out of band, which means it has almost zero impact on the performance of your video surveillance system.

So now every NVR you install from Arxys gives you even more peace of mind, better security and higher availability. 

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