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Video Surveillance Storage Solutions

At the heart of successful security and video surveillance storage solutions is high performance, scalable data access and protection. Arxys | Shield-Core delivers the intense multi-streaming throughput & data resilience required by advanced Video Management Systems at the lowest Total Cost of Ownership of any solution in the industry.

Arxys | Shield-Core delivers solid high availability protection with high performance access to video surveillance data. Software Orchestrated Storage 128 bit ZFS technology delivers breaktrough performance & pay as you grow scalability to power video surveillance solutions. Leveraging the core performance and scalability features of Arxys | Sentio  SDS  to solve  surveillance needs

Arxys | Shield-Core is the protected IP Camera video storage security and surveillance platform of choice when security matters.

software orchestrated storageKey Advantages:

  • Highest multi-streaming bandwidth available
  •  Compatible with all leading Video Management Servers
  •  Lowest Total Cost Of Ownership storage server
  •  Scale-up technology delivers future-proof security

Arxys | Shield-Core high-density video surveillance storage solutions  are designed for mid to large enterprise security installations. Advanced caching, high-performance enterprise grade drives and 128 bit ZFS technology deliver leading edge performance with efficiency.

The combination of high throughput & advanced data protection makes the Shield Core optimized for video streaming and archiving.

  • Optimized for Private Clouds
  • Guaranteed data protection
  • Hardware independence
  • Flexible scalability

With advanced hardware failover mechanisms, IP Camera video surveillance systems built on Shield Core ensure sensitive video data is accessible. Shield-Core is optimized for high performance and scalability for high bandwidth applications where maximum uptime is not critical. All of the Core features without the advanced protection and disaster recovery features.

IP video surveillance storage solutions require a reliable, high performance storage infrastructure. Video Surveillance data requires secure, and guaranteed access for evidence and proof. Private Clouds that involve on-site data content for additional security are the leading choice. Arxys | Shield-Core delivers the 24×7 high availability and streaming performance required by law enforcement, public sector security deployments where security is paramount. Security & surveillance solutions that demand performance and scalability rely on Arxys | Shield-Core for their video surveillance storage solutions.

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