Video Surveillance Throughput and Storage NVR Calculator

Our new Video Surveillance NVR Calculator delivers guaranteed results

When designing a security and video surveillance system, network bandwidth requirements and storage space for live recording and archiving video are crucial parameters. We designed the advanced Video Surveillance Bandwidth and Storage Calculator, to intelligently calculate both parameters automatically. This NVR Calculator delivers guaranteed results.

This smart tool obtains accurate estimations of network bandwidth and storage to enhance surveillance system design. Get estimations of required network bandwidth to shape network video systems with any number of IP cameras and video servers. Calculate the required HDD storage space for video archive. The Arxys Bandwidth and Storage Calculator utilizes the data from the surveillance configuration to show which storage servers will deliver the required bandwidth and capacity.

Bandwidth and Storage Calculator Instructions for Video Surveillance Calculator

In order to calculate both bandwidth and storage, simply specify following parameters in the calculator. Make sure to “+add cameras” to account for each type of camera and usage in order to accurately calculate the system requirements.

  • Resolution – Pixels
  • Compression – Video compression quality Standard used
  • Image Complexity – Frames from some CCTV cameras are more detailed and have a higher frame size, low complexity requires less bandwidth & storage, high complexity requires more.
  • Motion % – Percentage of Pixel change when motion occurs. (Used for MPEG4 and H.264 bandwidth estimation)
  • FPS – Frames per second recorded by the camera
  • Days – Retention period in units of 24 hours
  • Cameras – Number of each type of camera in the surveillance system
  • Recording  – Operational hours within a 24 hour period (continuous recording value is 24)

After the entering the parameters into the Bandwidth and Storage Calculator, the following results are calculated and shown.

  • FPS (kilobytes) – Frame size based on resolution and compression (in some cases you can measure your real frame size and specify it in this field)
  • Useable Disk Space (Gigabytes) – Useable disk storage space required to store video archive (NOT RAW capacity, but the net required minimum useable capacity not including formatting, parity, expansion etc)
  • Bandwidth (megabits per second) – How much network traffic the cameras require
  • Get Guaranteed Quote – Click the button to send us the entire configuration requirements and get a guaranteed quote that meets your requirements.
  • Qualified Solution- Table of Arxys | Shield Video surveillance storage appliances that are certified to deliver the required bandwidth and storage required.

Smart Online Video Surveillance Calculator 



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