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Who we are

Crafting storage solutions for more than 25 years, Arxys is Storage, Orchestrated. We don’t do everything. We do storage and we do it exceptionally well. Our expertise is Data Protection and Data Analytics.

Why we are

Arxys Software Orchestrated Storage powers performance, scale and efficiency. By combining storage, compute, networking and virtualization, Arxys orchestrates the complexity of disparate systems into an optimized solution.

Where you are

Arxys delivers purpose built solutions to meet the rigorous demands of the Geospatial, Video Surveillance and Public Safety industries.  Our personalized, white glove service and superb warranty support ensures your long-term success. 

How it starts

We are Solution Agile, and our technological dexterity delivers uniquely well integrated leading edge technology into a purpose-built tried and true solution. Storage is all we do, and we do it better. Harness the power of focus.

Our Strength In Numbers


Over 25 Years of Experience. Strength, Endurance, Capability and Solutions.


Enterprise level service and solutions that work  mean customer satisfaction.


Data Protection and Data Analytics are our passions and our sole focus.

Customers Testimonials

What Do Our Customers Say?

Massive capacity, high bandwidth, rock solid data protection, with all star service and support. That's just some of the reasons we like Arxys and why we have worked with them for so many years.
Cliff Pascas
Project Manager. Status Automation
The Arxys solution provided us the ability to seamlessly crete significantly larger and more refined storage arrays. We now literally have the world at our fingertips. We haven't had a moment of downtime.It just works.
Project Analyst
National Geospatial Intelligence Agency

Some of Our Satisfied Clients

Enterprise-Class High Availability & Reliability

Resilience Optimized Storage at Scale with purpose-built high availability.

World-Class, award winning Customer Service & Support

25 years of Network Storage Leadership delivering complete solutions .

We don’t do everything.

We do Data, and we do it exceptionally well.

Lower TCO: COTS + Software Orchestrated Storage

Software Orchestrated Storage delivers performance, scale and efficiency

Validated Customer Satisfaction and Customer Success

Verified Peace of Mind with Certified Solutions that deliver lasting performance and success.

Looking To Solve Challenging Data Protection or Data Analytics Challenges?