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Arxys Software Orchestrated Storage is programmable storage infrastructure that powers performance, scale and efficiency. By combining storage, compute, networking and virtualization on commodity hardware, Arxys orchestrates the complexity of disparate systems into an optimized solution.

Arxys’ Software Orchestrated Storage solutions scale to fit your needs today, while scaling for the future without forklift upgrades. Arxys delivers enterprise class speed with business efficiency and warranted business continuity all at the lowest TCO in the industry. Crafting storage solutions for more than 2,000 of the most demanding organizations for more than 25 years, Arxys is Storage, Orchestrated.

Our Unique Values

  • Software Orchestrated Storage delivers performance, scale and efficiency
  • Enterprise-Class High Availability & Reliability
  • Lower TCO: COTS + Software Orchestrated Storage = Freedom
  • 25 years of Network Storage Leadership
  • Resilience Optimized Storage at Scale
  • Verified Peace of Mind with Certified Solutions
  • World-Class, award winning Customer Service & Support
  • Validated Customer Satisfaction and Customer Success

What Our Customers Say

“The Milestone Solution Certification showed the Arxys | Shield – Prime delivered the highest HD camera counts (2,944 cameras) and the highest total camera throughput (3.6Gb/s) of any storage platform tested to date by Milestone Systems.”

Mike Tarras
Solutions Integration Engineer at Milestone Systems.

Massive capacity, high bandwidth, rock solid data protection, with all star service and support. That’s just some of the reasons we like Arxys Storage.

Cliff Pascas
Project Manager at Status Automation.

The Arxys NAS solution provided us the ability to seamlessly create significantly larger and more refined storage arrays. We now literally have the world at our fingertips. We haven’t had a moment of downtime. It just works.

Project Analyst at National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA).

This new appliance provides a high performance purpose-built combination of hardware, software and imagery available to the GIS community and we are pleased to have Arxys as the manufacturer of this new portable solution.

Dean Garner
Solution Manager at ESRI inc..

If you are looking for well-designed and well-supported IP Camera based video surveillance storage solutions, and you need both extremely large capacity and reliability at a bid-friendly price, then you want to talk with Arxys. We have many 24/7 security installations running Arxys storage solutions.

David Kovacs
Division Manager at Status Automation.

The program that Arxys provided the 590TB’s of storage solutions for, had the challenge of breaking down interagency information, data discovery & sharing stovepipes and providing greater information sharing among all FSL & levels.

Curtis Miller
Programatic Lead at Geospatial Information Interoperability Exploitation Portable (GIIEP).

Case Studies

Customer case studies and solutions

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Arxys success stories

Arxys `{`Pronounced ‘Arc-Sys’`}`

Arx is latin for Citadel (aka fortress, stronghold) Arxys is your “System of Data Protection Citadels.”

An Arx is

  • a fortress that commands a city used in the protection of the inhabitants and in defense during attack or siege.
  • a strongly fortified building or place of safety; refuge

Arxys brings protection, scale and efficiency to your organization by building Software Orchestrated Storage solutions. Formerly known as Cutting Edge Networked Storage, Our 25 years of experience in storage solutions from block level foundation to virtualized storage scale-outs is built upon the bedrock of our line of field proven NAS, iSCSI, and FC SAN solutions that are purpose built to solve your data storage needs. Whether you require a tiered storage system or an enterprise level multi-site backup and recovery solution, Arxys delivers optimized storage solutions at highly competitive value price points.

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