The Arxys Approach

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The Arxys Approach

Arxys has been crafting data protection and data analytics appliances for the most demanding organizations for more than 27 years. Arxys’ focus has always been finding elegant solutions to complex industry problems.

Arxys solves complex industry application challenges by leveraging a deep understanding of the complete environment to create a purpose-built, highly optimized appliance solution. Arxys works to codify the problems and ‘appliancify’ a solution. Our unique Activated Hardware Acceleration technologies deliver the Arxys X Factor of enterprise class performance, protection and resilience in a highly efficient and manageable appliance.

Whether you are in the Video Surveillance, Video Analytics or Geospatial industries, Arxys X Appliances have you covered.

Starting today we have formally updated all our product names to consistently reflect our Appliance X approach. Arxys has always delivered appliance based solutions, now our product names reflect those solutions. All of the industry leading performance, protection and retention you have come to expect from Arxys solutions remains the same. Now the product names match up with the solution. Simple, elegant and powerful, just like our appliances.

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Three Arxys Appliance Families

VideoX Appliances

VideoX Appliances (formerly called Shield | Key) deliver hardware accelerated technologies like video motion detection and encryption to drive enterprise grade video surveillance recording for leading VMS’s in a powerful, efficient and high-performance network video recorder appliance. Certified and Validated with the world’s leading VMS platforms, VideoX Appliances offer GPU powered video motion detection, enterprise class storage and industry leading retention. 

The VideoX Appliance platform includes Enterprise, Professional and Base models to bring activated hardware acceleration and advanced data protection to mid-size to massive security projects.

DataX Appliances

DataX Appliances are purpose-built for large scale data aggregations that demand robust enterprise class protection and advanced image processing in a highly secure environment.  DataX Appliances enable the creation and sharing of sensitive data with colleagues securely behind your firewall.

DataX Appliances are a content solution that consists of enterprise class hardware and advanced data services and imagery for data processing intensive industries such as Geospatial, Oil & Gas, Utilities and Military applications worldwide. 

AnalyticX Appliances

AnalyticX Appliances harness the combined power of state-of-the-art Graphical Processing Unit (GPUs) and leading video analytics systems to bring Augmented Intelligence (AI) Neural Networks and Machine Learning from science fiction to science fact. Facial Recognition, ALPR, Object Tracking, Video Synopsis and more with breakthrough efficiency.

Delivering high-performance Nvidia architecture with leading video analytics platforms to drive advanced video analytics at scale. Powerful, optimized, efficient and resilient, AnalyticX Appliances power video analytics in real time.

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