The case for Enterprise Hard Drives in Enterprise Video Surveillance

Security and surveillance are increasingly required for all organizations worldwide. Governments, enterprises, financial institutions, and healthcare organizations are expected and required to have higher levels of security and monitoring measures. These enterprise environments are seeing escalating demands for robust video surveillance systems to monitor and record borders, ports, transportation infrastructure, corporate campuses, educational facilities, public places, buildings, and others.

It used to be that recorded video was used primarily for incident forensics for law enforcement or prosecution. Today, with innovations in technology, intelligent video surveillance enables organizations to take action in real time in emergencies or other situations. With capabilities like object and facial recognition, video surveillance systems now offer greater insights that feed directly back into organizations’ operations and security capabilities. With these emerging capabilities comes the need for advancements on the technology side. 

enterprise video surveillance
CCTV Camera technology on screen display

Enterprise NVRs require many times more storage capacity and sophisticated processing in order to perform advanced analytics and the manage the combination of multi-megapixel recording and extended retention times stretching into months and years. These enterprise video surveillance installations come with rigorous performance, reliability and operational requirements that exceed the baseline of traditional video surveillance solutions. 

Enterprise organizations operational requirements and security objectives are best served by enterprise NVRs empowered with enterprise hard drives. 

  • Enterprise drives have unique attributes designed for higher performance and reliability.
  • Enterprise NVR appliances are engineered for exceptional performance and high levels of reliability. 

In this application note we will outline those unique attributes and show how they bring compelling benefits to enterprises and organizations at every level.

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