What’s New in Milestone XProtect 2018 R3?

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Milestone XProtect 2018 R3 introduced some strong new features for advanced video surveillance installations looking to deliver comprehensive security.

How audio adds value to your video Surveillance Installation

While a picture is worth a thousand words, the spoken word can be worth much more. Regardless of the number of megapixels captured by a surveillance camera, video alone only tells half the story.

Why not tap into the power of audio and let the ears complement what the eyes are seeing? Having audio as an integrated part of the system can be extremely beneficial when it comes to identifying, recognizing and reacting to a situation. Adding audio to a video installation can enhance the overall usage, improve decisions and outcome.

With 2018 R3 we are expanding audio support to include remote users of XProtect, as users can now enjoy one- way audio in XProtect Web Client. This means that remote users can listen to, playback and export audio recordings remotely from anywhere through an Internet connection.

Here are some examples of how audio can improve decision making and provide a secondary verification by allowing users to both see and hear what is going on.

Cybersecurity Is A Top Concern

Ensuring the security and integrity of all Milestone installations is our top priority. We want to minimize our customers’ exposure to risk by ensuring our software and hardware is secure by design, secure by default and secure by deployment.

An important aspect in keeping the system secure and protected against attacks or unwanted behavior is having a clear understanding of what is happening in the system.

The Log Server plays a vital role in securing the system, as it logs all system activities and user interactions. Knowing what and when something happened in the system can be used to stop or limit

suspicious activity and unwanted behavior. Each log contains many pieces of information that are extremely valuable when identifying who was logged in and which actions were performed.

Make The Most Of Your Surveillance Cameras

Most modern-day surveillance cameras are shipped with advanced analytical functions like motion detection, temperature detection and perimeter protection. These camera functions generate events; with the versatile Rule Engine in the XProtect VMS, these can be used to trigger various actions like starting and stopping recordings, manually or automatically. With the 2018 R3 product version and Device Pack 9.9, users can benefit from an extended event list, allowing them to make use of all the event features the camera has to offer. This improvement starts with Axis cameras, enabling the Axis Camera Application Platform (ACAP) to work even better with XProtect.

Reduce Network Traffic And Central Storage Costs

Need to record everything? We have optimized our Scalable Video Quality RecordingTM (SVQR) technology for better handling of network storage. SVQR is a unique video recording technology that harvests the synergies between edge and central storage, enabling users to store all recordings locally in low quality and high-quality recordings on the camera edge. The different quality video streams can be retrieved when and if needed and be seamlessly merged for fluent and instant playback of video.

Smart Map Support in MIP SDK

Community partners can now integrate to the Smart Map and benefit from this further enhancement of the MIP SDK support that allows for the display of MIP SDK plug-in items on the Smart Map.

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