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Security cameras are rolling 24×7 in enterprise-level detention centers, continuously generating high volumes of data. Exacerbating this data deluge is the integration of analytics software that supports facial recognition, real- time automated alerts, and tracking capabilities. With regulations mandating all video footage be retained for 12–24 months, correctional facilities are faced with storing and accessing multiple petabytes of data.

Meeting surveillance needs for detention centers isn’t as straightforward as it may seem. Surveillance systems for enterprise-level detention centers must be able to record and retrieve video data 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This can involve managing hundreds of multi-megapixel camera streams with zero dropped frames—all while ensuring video data is highly available on the back end and seamlessly viewable on the front.

Learn how leading detention centers are solving these challenges with a solution brief from Arxys, Seagate and Allied Telesis. 

Solving Enterprise Detention Center Surveillance Challenges


DataX SAN Appliances

DataX© SAN Appliances are purpose-built for large scale video surveillance installations that demand robust enterprise class protection and advanced video processing in a highly secure environment. Arxys DataX SAN Appliances deliver industry leading performance, power and protection for your most critical security projects.

video surveillance enterprise NVRs

VideoX NVR Appliances

VideoX© Appliances deliver hardware accelerated technologies like video motion detection and encryption to drive enterprise grade video surveillance recording for leading VMS’s in a powerful, efficient and high-performance network video recorder appliance. From 20 to 4000+ cameras.

VideoX video surveillance workstations

VideoX Workstations

VideoX© Workstations harness the combined power of state-of-the-art Graphical Processing Unit (GPUs) and leading video analytics systems to bring unprecedented power to video security installs and smart video walls. From 32 to 128 Full HD camera streams per client workstation VideoX has you covered.

Corrections Surveillance & Security

Integrating revolutionary analytic software, such as facial recognition, real-time automated alerts, and tracking capabilities, further complicates the ability of a surveillance system to meet those demands. Tracking a moving target, searching for specific objects, learning to detect specific activities, and scanning faces in a crowded room all require a massive amount of bandwidth. The act of gathering data is laborious enough, but putting that data to work introduces a seemingly staggering challenge.

For security personnel, this has created and re-created a complex problem. Correctional facilities already face unique security challenges that many other large facilities don’t, including threats of inmate escapes, riots, overcrowding, contraband, and privacy and regulatory mandates. Not to mention the regular and rigorous security audits they undergo, conducted by the National Institute of Corrections.

Whether populations swell or facilities decide to expand their security footprint, surveillance systems must be flexible, high performing, and scalable to mitigate the aforementioned complexities. Especially since this problem doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon.

See how some of your peers are solving their correctional security challenges

corrections video surveillance systems

Clark County Corrections Video Surveillance

Clark County Detentions Center (CCDC) in Nevada houses 300+ inmates in a variety of security levels. CCDC required advanced Milestone integration with access control and Federated architecture to deliver 24/7 uninterrupted security.

Security & Surveillance Stanton Corrections

Stanton Correctional Facility in California installed a new video surveillance system with complete access control, live video wall and Full HD resolution in a highly robust 24/7 operation to deliver inmate security and deliver advanced visitation opportunities.

RCMP Video Surveillance

Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) has multiple facilities integrated using Interconnect and operating in a fully Classified environment with 24/7 operation, advanced HA features, Remote data protection and failover.

canadian corrections surveillance

Corrections Facility 1,100 Cameras

A large correctional facility in central Canada needed a highly reliable, fully HA solution to manage over 1,100 IP Video cameras running 720P to 5MP resolution @ 15fps with 24/7 operations and a fully redundant solution on-site for data protection.

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